Sunday, November 03, 2013

I Hit "Fever Mode" Today On My 'Fever Aqua Nine © 2004 Sankyo'

Fever Aqua Nine © 2004 Sankyo

Single Bonus - One line of gold dolphins
Big Bonus - Two or more lines of gold dolphins or all sea animals

During the time reels are spinning, there are three possible screen background "yokoku" events: a turtle and killer whale, ray, or shark will be seen swimming. Any of these yields a 100% chance of a reach. There is also a reel-based "yokoku" event: if the reels stop on sea animals formed in a pattern like:

and if this pattern comes out continuously in successive spins, there is a high chance of a win. During this pattern, if a single dolphin in the center space pattern appears like this:

it's an automatic win.

During a reach, there is a step-up "yokoku" event pattern that involves a mermaid: if the mermaid just swims there is just a small chance of a win. If she stops and hovers near the reels, then it's an automatic super reach. Finally, if she makes a action as if she is praying then it's an automatic super reach and your odds of winning increase.

There are four reach patterns:

Normal: Very low chance of winning. Usually automatic win if during "bonus" mode.
Friends of the Ocean Super Reach: Only occurs during an "all sea animals" super reach. High chance of winning.
Wink Super Reach: Mermaid winks. Low chance of winning.
Pray Reach: Cut-scene of mermaid praying. Medium chance of winning.

There are also several automatic win patterns:

If you see a white dolphin.
If you see a cut scene of a trolling line being pulled quickly through the water.
If the mermaid appears during the Friends of the Ocean Super Reach.
If the cameo-looking mermaid above the screen lights up it's an automatic big bonus win.

During normal play, the background screen is blue, during big bonus play it's pinkish, and during chance time play it's green-ish.

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