Sunday, May 05, 2013

5 AM Wake Up Call

We woke up in the dark for our joint trip to the communal bathrooms located near our cabin. It is very dark and jungle dripping outside from an over night rain.

Once we return Deb grabs her purse off the main shelf in the cabin only to discover that it is SOAKING wet. She then grabs her backpack, it is saturated and dripping! We are both thinking that there must be a leak in the cabin roof?

I now appear on the scene and we immediately check out her camel pack sitting on the shelf. It was full last night with a liter of water... It is now empty. I begin to grab and check all of the expensive electronics I have sitting around this bag... Bone dry.

Deb is going through her purse and there is wet money, credit cards and paper work. She then goes to the backpack. Slowly with a groan she lifts out her iPad in a foam case dripping with water! The device is encased in what can only be described as a sopping wet towel. A towel it has soaked in all night!

"I can't even look" she says as she hands it to me. It is twice as heavy as it usually is as I pull open the saturated flap to remove the iPad from it's sleeve. I lay it on a dry towel and rub it up to dry it. My plan is to take it into the rental car and place it on a heat vent figuring that if I turn it on now it will just fry itself. As I'm thinking this I must accidentally push the selection button AND It fires up with no problems!

Crazy luck there! The OTHER thing sitting in the soaked bag was her WATER PROOF camera. She has wet stuff but nothing that won't dry out and be fine.

So much for going back to bed.

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bob said...

Holly Crap Batman, you are so lucky