Saturday, February 09, 2013

Big Jenga Gets Some New Twists!

  1. You Drink (Have a drink)
  2. They Drink (Select someone else to have a drink)
  3. Game face (Show the crowd your game face)
  4. Taunt (Taunt your opponents)
  5. ARG! (Talk like a Pirate for one turn)
  6. I’ll Be Back (Talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger for one turn)
  7. Pop Out (The next block you extract must be popped out with the tip of two fingers like a chest thump)
  8. Shake It Off (While the next player is working their turn you have to shake all over until they are done)
  9. Blind Luck (Once you have selected a Jenga board to remove you must do the actual removal with your eyes closed)
  10. Broken Toe (For the remainder of the game you must pull all future pieces while standing on your tippy toes)
  11. Stand Up (Tell a joke to the crowd)
  12. Star Crush (Tell the crowd what Hollywood Star you have a crush on)
  13. Hand Switch (Pick someone to play with their opposite hand for the rest of the game)
  14. Touchy Movey (Everyone must remove the FIRST piece they touch for one round)
  15. Do Over (Put this piece back where you got it from and pull a new one) works once per game.
  16. Celtic Heritage (Do a jig around the Jegna pile)
  17. Tea Pot (Sing and act “I’m a little Tea Pot”)
  18. Reverse (Reverse the order that players take their turns)
  19. Gun Show (Show the crowd your guns)
  20. Dammit Jim “I’m A Doctor Not a Brick Layer!” Hand this piece to the next player to place on top of the Jegna tower)
  21. No Guts, No Glory (You may no longer pull pieces from the center of any row this game)
  22. Free Pass (Do not place this on top of the tower this turn.  On any future turn, you may place this instead of pulling a new piece)
  23. Back To You (Everyone else skips one turn and you go again)

When did you start THIS?

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