Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Project: Big Jenga!

Going Shipping.

How hard can it be to cut 54 pieces of wood?

That's ONE six foot 2x4.  Okay this might take awhile.

A complete Jenga set.  BUT... some of the pieces are pretty rough so we're going to cut up one more 6 footer for back up.

Of course!  They put this thing on sale RIGHT next to the wood I need.  I think to myself, "This won't be the last time I ever need to cut wood."

We used the new saw to cut the last 2x4... SO MUCH NICER!

Turns out cutting it was the easy part.  Sanded each one so we don't have nasty splinters, that takes a little bit MORE time.

They still need a bit more sanding but they are ready to play!

The goal.

So it looks like I'm done?  Nope.  Still need to make a carrying box that turns into the elevated platform for playing the game once emptied out.  I also have a few surprises in store for the final product.  Stay tuned.

Surprise OneTwo.

The Finished Product!


RumRnnr said...

That looks great! I can only imagine the time it took to cut and sand, and cut and sand, and cut and sand.......

Bill said...

Watching you use power tools makes me nervous.