Sunday, May 21, 2017

Picked Up A New (to me) Pachinko Game today

Nishijin Napalm Hanemono (Mid 1980's)

Very dirty and jammed up bad!

After about 2 hours of work we are clean and running.

All of this had to be disconnected to get to the center payout section as most of the bulbs were burned out and it sounded like a rock crusher.

5 years of cigarette smoke anyone?

After about 3 hours we are looking good!

This was less than a joy to disassemble and clean!

After a total play-field cleaning this thing is looking brighter!

A Craigslist find that I picked up for $60!
This early modern Machine was made by Nishijin. It is basically a Nishijin Model C with the modern shooting handle and electronics overlaid.  Unfortunatley I can not determine the year it was released but I am guessing mid 1980's.

A little about Hanemono Pachinko:

Considered more the 'Nickel Slot' (more play for less money) of the pachinko parlor today, they were all the rage in the late 70's through mid 90's when the Digital (having to match 3 numbers or symbols to win) machines took over. New models are made by most of the major manufacturers each year to bring in the nostalgia player, but it is a small fraction of the total production.

The older models are getting very hard to find in good shape, here and abroad, still demanding high prices in Japan, as so many were either destroyed or shipped to the US, and the newer models are also rare in that they are made in such small numbers and are generally destroyed (recycled) after their usefulness to the parlors.

How to play: 

Play looks easy, but it takes timing and skill to win big! At the bottom of the play-field are three pockets, two labeled with “1” and one labeled with “2”. When a ball enters one of these pockets, mechanical arms or 'wings' in the center feature of the play-field will open once for one second for a '1' pocket and open for two seconds for a '2' pocket.

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