Sunday, March 10, 2013

Disc Golf Course: First Draft

The course starts in the lower right hand corner at Tee Box 1 and heads left to terminate at Catch 5.  The course then continues from Tee Box 6 in the lower left hand corner and heads right, terminating at Catch 9.

Note: All of the holes are designed so the 'throw' is away from private property.  I want to keep my neighbors happy!

Note 2:  The longest hole is at a whopping 620 feet to Catch 9.  This will be with the wind 95 percent of the time.

Note 3:  Hole 6 is a potential hole-in-one with a distance of only 113 feet.  However, if you under-throw you will end up in a nice deep rocky swale.

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RumRunner said...

Its gonna be fun!