Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hot Wheels in the Garden

Dogs Are Amazing Sheepherders!

Patron Perspectives: Richard Whitten

Richard Whitten is an accomplished biologist and entomologist, with one of the largest private insect collections in the world, right here in Idaho. He is also an eccentric hobbyist musician, and I decided to meld the different aspects of his personality together in a fun way.

Church bell heavyweight

Time To Cold Smoke Some Cheese!

Wood Shop Part Nine: Screw Storage

Wood Shop Part Eight: Dust Collection 3D Printed Parts

Wood Shop Part Seven: The Air Compressor Shelf

Wood Shop Part Six: DEWALT Table Saw

I'm getting pretty good at assembling things!

Wood Shop Part Five: Tool Boxes

Wood Shop Part Four: My First Wall Unit

Magnetic screwdriver storage anyone?

Wood Shop Part Three: The Kobalt 12-in 15-Amp Dual Bevel Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw

Wood Shop Part Two: The Dust Collection System

A Harbor Freight Tools deal!
It took 3 hours to assemble with some amazingly bad instructions.
Building a shelf for the 90 pound unit.
When in doubt throw more wood at it!
It just fits.

Wood Shop Part One: French Cleat Wall

The blank canvas!
Three levels for storage.
How does this work?  The boards attached to the wall all have a 45 degree cut in them.
Anything I want to attach to the wall also has a 45 degree cut.