Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Great American Eclipse 2017

In hopes of capturing the "Feel" of the Eclipse I set up my GoPro to shoot a still photograph every 5 seconds. I started it a half hour before totality and ended it a half an hour after. 890 individual photos total. My hope was that once stitched together I could run it a bit faster than real time and relive the chills!

It turns out that the human eye is way better at the subtleties of light and shadow and up until a minute before totality, every frame pretty much looked like the last.

Never fear though! I just started when it got good and made a 23 second teaser of 6 real-time minutes of the event.

Throw in a dramatic sound effect and we are good to go!

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Loren said...

Love the accompanying music! Very cool footage too...