Thursday, June 16, 2016

Container Ship under beautiful Night Sky | Arriving Hong Kong

Perspective: a graphical comparison of earthquake energy release

This is Kiruna: How to Move a City

Acrylic Paint Bubbles

100+ MPH Wind

Hand Drawing Sheet Music

Sulphur miners at the Ijen volcano in East Java, Indonesia

Men who can tell a good story are seen as more attractive!

Stories can change how we think about the world, about the people they describe, and even ourselves. According to new research, they also influence our attitude to the storyteller. An article published in the journal Personal Relationships suggests that people portrayed as stronger storytellers are considered as higher status than those that aren’t – and this status can make them more romantically attractive, at least in the eyes of women.

Capturing a Category 5 Typhoon

Koka’s Beat Machine No. 2

Hong Kong Strong

Cicada Calls Are Literally Deafening

Gird your loins, cover your ears, and prepare to surrender your lawn to billions of teenage arthropods. The cicadas are coming.

In a couple of weeks, Brood V will begin its ascent from under the Earth to burst forth in a cacophony of rebirth, hunger, and sex. Residents of several East Coast states will be able to witness (and hear) the fruition of the brood’s 17-year life cycle, which won’t appear again until 2033.

The MakerBot Obituary

MakerBot is not dead, but it is connected to life support waiting for a merciful soul to pull the plug.

This week, MakerBot announced it would lay off its entire manufacturing force, outsourcing the manufacturing of all MakerBot printers to China. A few weeks ago, Stratasys, MakerBot’s parent company, released their 2015 financial reports, noting MakerBot sales revenues have fallen precipitously. The MakerBot brand is now worth far less than the $400 Million Stratasys spent to acquire it. MakerBot is a dead company walking, and it is very doubtful MakerBot will ever be held in the same regard as the heady days of 2010.

How did this happen? The most common explanation of MakerBot’s fall from grace is that Stratasys gutted the engineering and goodwill of the company after acquiring it. While it is true MakerBot saw its biggest problems after the acquisition from Stratasys, the problems started much earlier.

Sometimes It Just Doesn't Feel Right: British Airways Airbus A380-841

North Korea’s Best Building Is Empty: The Mystery of the Ryugyong Hotel

Nearly 30 years—and an estimated $750 million—after its construction began, the empty and unused Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang remains a glorified telecommunications antenna.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Poland Mayfly infestation

The insects – believed to be mayflies – cover walls and windows and are even seen in heaving piles up against the windowsills and floor.

Carpet delivery in Vietnam

26 Surprising Facts About: North Korea

There Are Secret Oil Wells Hidden All Over Los Angeles...

Get Your Noodles From A Pipe?