Saturday, February 27, 2016

Houston, We Have A Problem!

It seemed pretty simple. Pour a foundation that is EXACTLY parallel to the existing shop.  If I looked down either side of the addition, all the way to the back of the current shop, I should see a perfectly smooth STRAIGHT line.

That didn't happen.  Instead, the new foundation is NOT square and not in alignment with the current shop.  If this occurs in a small way, let's say a 1/2 off, it can be corrected by adjusting how the walls attach to the foundation so they stay square.

This foundation is 2 inches off, veering toward the house.  Resolution?  Tear it all out and start over!

A very expensive correction for the concrete company.

17 Inches from the string at the driveway.

21 Inches from the string at the driveway.

It looked like it was good to back-fill...

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Rumrnnr said...

The Whitten luck strikes again! At least you are not on the hook for the screw up......