Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lord of the Ants

A couple of days ago I posted this video chronicling E.O. Wilson's contributions to science. Little did I know that my father had met him in Costa Rica.  E.O. is in the blue blazer.

All are watching a video that Dad shot of Elephant Beetles battling it out.  Dad even has some signed copies of books by E.O Wilson.

A comparison of the largest wasp in the world to a Bullet Ant.  Both hold the title of the MOST PAINFUL STING of anything on the planet!  (See Bullet Ants? Just Say NO! for an example of what kind of sting these things can deliver)

Kids.  Don't try these types of photos at home!  Your young developing eyes will FOREVER stay in these positions and you will be cast out by society, Unable to keep a job or attract a mate, you will spend your last days wandering around a Walmart.  You have been warned.

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