Saturday, August 30, 2014

Do farts carry germs? Well, it depends on whether you are wearing pants.

Hot air?

It all started with an inquiry from a nurse,” Dr Karl Kruszelnicki told listeners to his science phone-in show on the Triple J radio station in Brisbane. “She wanted to know whether she was contaminating the operating theatre she worked in by quietly farting in the sterile environment during operations, and I realized that I didn’t know. But I was determined to find out.”

Meanwhile In Russia

Meet the guy with 5 million LP records

The High Arctic

New Zealand - Land of the Long White Cloud

A wander through Hong Kong

Club Meds

Boasting 100,000 residents over the age of 55, The Villages may be the fastest growing city in America. It’s a notorious boom-town for boomers who want to spend their golden years with access to 11 a.m. happy hours, thousands of activities, and no-strings-attached sex, all lorded over by one elusive billionaire.

The Micro-Dwellings of Hong Kong

The 360-square foot apartment can be morphed into some two dozen different configurations with sliding panels mounted on ceiling tracks. Slide one panel to reveal a kitchen as tight and tidy as a ship’s galley, slide another to open a laundry room, lift a tabletop to uncover a spa full-size bathtub. “So the idea is almost like a time-based design,” explains Chang in the video, “Instead of me moving from one room to the other, I don’t move, actually, the home moves for me.”

Ever wondered where the flight attendants sleep?

On a Cathay Pacific 777-300ER a secret staircase to the CRC at the rear of the plane. The area itself is tunnel like, and attendants have to duck to get through it, but there is room for eight flight staff.

Hot Crazy Matrix

For Adults ONLY - For Adults ONLY - For Adults ONLY - For Adults ONLY 

India’s ‘Untouchables’ Are Still Being Forced to Collect Human Waste by Hand

The practice of forcing low-caste people in Indian communities to remove accumulated human waste from latrines is continuing despite legal prohibitions and must be stopped, says a leading advocacy group.

In a report released Monday, the New York City–based Human Rights Watch (HRW) detailed the practice of “manual scavenging” — the collecting of excrement from latrines by hand. The job is done by those considered to be of the lowest birth. These Dalits, or untouchables, often face threats of violence, eviction and withheld wages if they attempt to leave the trade.

Taser Photoshoot

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pelican Feeding Frenzy

Meanwhile In Hong Kong

Photographer Daniel Lau pulled out his "selfie stick" to take dizzying footage of a rooftopping adventure 346m (1135 feet) above the streets of Hong Kong.

Lau, fellow photographer Andrew Tso and A.S. are seen in the video snacking while perched dangerously on the spire of The Centre skyscraper, Hong Kong's fifth-tallest skyscraper.

Panama Canal Timelapse

High-Speed Canyon Jet Ski

Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New App, Is Like a $15,000 Video Setup in Your Hand

Today at 10am PST, Instagram is lifting the veil on Hyperlapse, one of the company’s first apps outside of Instagram itself. Using clever algorithm processing, the app makes it easy to use your phone to create tracking shots and fast, time-lapse videos that look as if they’re shot by Scorsese or Michael Mann. What was once only possible with a Steadicam or a $15,000 tracking rig is now possible on your iPhone, for free. (Instagram hopes to develop an Android version soon, but that will require changes to the camera and gyroscope APIs on Android phones.) And that’s all thanks to some clever engineering and an elegantly pared-down interaction design. The product team shared their story with WIRED.

How to Eat Sushi: You've Been Doing it Wrong

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crazy Pool!

Professional Poo Diver


This is Brendan Walsh’s world. He runs a Melbourne company called East West Dive and Salvage, which basically involves diving in all sorts of no-air environments. One such environment includes sewage, so I caught up with Brendan to find out what necessitates this foul job and why he does it.


Handle With Care

The Terrifying True Story of the Garbage That Could Kill the Whole Human Race

For the past decade, 47-year-old Eriksen has been an eco-stuntman, drifting on rafts across seas and down rivers, as well as a serious scientist, commissioning vessels and plying his plankton trawls, collecting data, and speaking to groups—including thousands of school kids—about the threat of plastic pollution in the sea. Thanks to environmental gadflies like Eriksen, and emotionally affecting documentaries about wildlife deaths resulting from plastic ingestion and entanglement, this is a well-known phenomenon—if still under-studied and vastly underestimated. Eriksen’s job is to keep poking a sharp elbow and saying, No, really, listen! This shit could kill us all!

Optical Manufacturing

How are glasses made?

Extreme Railways

The History of Freight Trains

The History of the Trans Siberian Railroad

Readers Absorb Less on Kindles Than on Paper, Study Finds

A new study which found that readers using a Kindle were "significantly" worse than paperback readers at recalling when events occurred in a mystery story is part of major new Europe-wide research looking at the impact of digitization on the reading experience.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

This Infographic Breaks Down the Most Common Travel Scams by Country

Keeping yourself, your money, and your possessions safe during travel is important, but can sometimes be difficult due to scams. This can be especially daunting when you stick out as a tourist, making you an easy mark to spot for local tricksters.

Check out the full infographic for detailed info.

Top 10 Visually Striking CGI Filled Films


Lord of the Ants

A couple of days ago I posted this video chronicling E.O. Wilson's contributions to science. Little did I know that my father had met him in Costa Rica.  E.O. is in the blue blazer.

All are watching a video that Dad shot of Elephant Beetles battling it out.  Dad even has some signed copies of books by E.O Wilson.

A comparison of the largest wasp in the world to a Bullet Ant.  Both hold the title of the MOST PAINFUL STING of anything on the planet!  (See Bullet Ants? Just Say NO! for an example of what kind of sting these things can deliver)

Kids.  Don't try these types of photos at home!  Your young developing eyes will FOREVER stay in these positions and you will be cast out by society, Unable to keep a job or attract a mate, you will spend your last days wandering around a Walmart.  You have been warned.