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The Perfect Drink

Microwave Popcorn Popper

Candy Magic

Double Dish!

Something My Dad Would Do... If He Could Ride A Unicycle


Rube Goldberg Machine Winners

Kim Jong Un Attends An Air Show In North Korea

Time To Wake The Sea Gulls!

Old vs New

Airbus A320 Gives You A Birds Eye View Of Budapest

A visit to Galloping Ghost, the largest video game arcade in the USA

Galloping Ghost, located in Brookfield, Illinois, about a 25-minute (best case) drive from downtown Chicago, is one such place. $15 gets you all of the gaming you can stand until closing time at 2am—no quarters needed. And hold onto your receipt, as it will get you back in should you choose to head across the street to Tony's Breakfast Cafe (now open 24 hours) for some nourishment.

The Cost of Being Robbed While Traveling Abroad

Let me start by acknowledging that yes, it could have been much worse, and for that matter, it could have been much more expensive. But still, a man walked away with my purse, the police were disinterested at best, and I’ve had to shell out money and accept that some things are just gone.

Where the World's Unsold Cars Go To Die

Houston...We have a problem!...Nobody is buying brand new cars anymore! Well they are, but not on the scale they once were. Millions of brand new unsold cars are just sitting redundant on runways and car parks around the world. There, they stay, slowly deteriorating without being maintained.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Audio track from the new Godzilla trailer? Apply It To Some Older Moves!

Let's Fly Over Dubai!

The photos North Korea didn’t want you to see

PHOTOGRAPHER Eric Lafforgue has ventured into North Korea six times.

Using digital memory cards he smuggled out images of the communist nation he was forbidden to take.

Mr Lafforgue wanted to show that North Koreans are humans, not robots, who also suffer.

“I was banned after my last trip in September 2012 when I published some photos on the web. The North Koreans saw them and asked me to delete them as they judged them too offensive. I refused as I thought it was unfair not to show the reality of the country,” he told

He said life outside Pyongyang and the main towns was tough for the locals.

“Life is brutal in many places of North Korea, far from the Western standard.”

In a small fishing village, where Mr Lafforgue visited multiple times, he was treated like an honoured guest. The town was so isolated they had never seen a mobile phone and they spent their days fishing and growing seaweed.

“Even with their hard life, they told me, with tears in their eyes, they venerate the dear leaders ... even if sometimes they do not have a lot to eat.”

These are the photographs Kim Jong-un didn’t want the outside world to see.

Normal Guy Flies with the Thunderbirds

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

Insanely detailed illustrations of megacities

Ben Sack creates some of the most intricate black and white drawings I've ever seen. His artwork is gigantic, crammed with stunning detail. This one is called A Single Note, a circular illustration that is 48 inches in diameter. And of course, there's a time-lapse showing him in action.

Danish Marketing Illusion

These Incredible Salt Mines Are Like Another World Beneath Our Feet

Salt mines are special compared to other underground excavation sites: once they are closed for extraction purposes, they can be opened for visitors, or for storage purposes—all because of their unique micro-climate with natural air-conditioning and constant temperature and atmospheric pressure all year.

7 Godzilla Facts That Will Make You King of The Kaiju!


The 12 strangest hangover cures from around the world

Every country has its own concoction to help ease the throbbing head and the queasy stomach after a night of too much drinking. But if you think it's all a version of the greasy breakfast, think again. The world's got some shocking and downright repulsive ways to get rid of a hangover.

This Bone Might Belong to the Biggest Creature That Ever Walked the Earth


Paleontologists have just unearthed the fossilized bones of a gigantic dinosaur that's never been seen before. They believe it's an entirely new species—and based on the size of its bones, it's way bigger than what we thought was the biggest dinosaur ever. Meet the new number one among earthly creatures.

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The Beauty and Strangeness of the World’s Colossal Statues,_NY.jpg

The political, religious, and ideological monuments in photographer Fabrice Fouillet’s series “Colosses” stagger with their extreme dimensions. But Fouillet is not concerned with hugeness for its own sake. He’s more interested in how oversized statues, despite their extraordinary proportions, fit in the landscape around them and, as he writes in LensCulture, the reasons for the “human-sized desire behind these gigantic declarations.”