Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ear Cleaner!

The life of an Ear Cleaner. This video shows how an ear cleaner leads a simple, honest and straightforward life in spite of many difficulties. An honest and humble, hard-working and simple man, he carries on an old tradition, while bringing on a meagre but respectfully-earned income for himself and a livelihood for his family, in Old Delhi, India.

According to an article entitled: "Delhi saves ear cleaners from extinction!", the Press Trust of India reported:

"New Delhi, June 14: The 'kaan maeliye' as the ear cleaners are traditionally called, are now a vanishing breed and remain limited to a few pockets in Delhi and some small towns like Ambala and Meerut.

One of the traditional trades that have been going on for centuries in India is that of ear cleaning. If somebody wanted to know the latest gossip about the king and the court in Delhi, they either went to a barber or an ear cleaner.

Almost every ear cleaner in North India will trace back his forefathers' origin to the medieval times and claim that their forefathers worked in the courts of the Mughals.

"This profession was handed down to me by my father, and this has been going on for centuries now", says Munawwar Alam or Chotey as he is popularly known amongst his friends. 30-year-old Munawwa has been in this profession for the last 15 years."

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