Friday, May 31, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Danjiri Matsuri

The danjiri carts can vary in size and decorative style. Some are large and tall, others are relatively small. In some towns, the danjiri are pulled slowly through the town until they get to their destination. In other towns, the danjiri are pulled as fast as the people can pull it. This results in a difficulty turning the cart at corners, sometimes resulting in the cart falling over and killing someone. It is said that at least one person dies in the danjiri festival of Kishiwada every year. It is common for danjiri to hit and damage buildings when they careen around a corner, and for this reason shop owners may buy Danjiri Insurance.


Terrifying Amazing Sight of Monstrous Waves Hitting a Ship

Kuskokwim River Ice Dam Breaks Free With Surprising Results

Digital Pool Table

Table Top Menu

Amazing Humidifier

August Smart Lock

Patio Repair

Joe pitches in on the old grout removal.

Deb's smiling because we are almost done.

All done by hand with screwdrivers.

9 man hours later and it's all cleaned out and ready for the polymeric sand.

Deb Went All Out On My Birthday Cake!

She had this made to match my Nikon D90 SLR Camera.

We've Got Ourselves A Killdeer

We noticed the eggs right off of our patio near the hot tub.

We put a coiled hose around the site to alert the landscapers 

She stands pretty much constant watch.

Don't mess with my eggs!

Benkei and Young Cattle 'Aruze'

2004 Aruze/Universal Pachislo Machine.

Another Craigslist find.  $75 bucks and an hour of cleaning and she's ready to go!

This is the Formidable Man.

The premise is a Japanese girl wishes to cross a bridge and she must do battle with "The Formidable Man".  All of the battles play out on the LCD screen with high drama music and voice overs.

I'll Only Say This Once

Rotgut was RIGHT.  Covering the Treager drip pan with foil DOES make it effortless to clean.

Filling The Freezer With Summer BBQ Meat

Stopped by the local butcher and picked up their 60 pound BBQ pack!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gravity defying motorsport

Major Crazy!

To Avoid Jet Lag This Summer, Travel Like a Scientist

Scientists are studying a wide range of strategies to help long-distance travelers avoid the dreaded feelings of jet lag.

Frequent fliers often have sworn-by practices to combat jet lag, whether it's adjusting a sleep schedule days before a trip, taking the hormone melatonin, seeking out bright light at certain times, or forcing the body to eat and sleep on local time immediately upon arrival.

What works best? The news from most researchers appears to be that the best formula is a combination of all of these tactics.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013