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Peanut butter, the every-man staple, which contains neither butter nor nuts (peanuts are legumes), originated as a health food of the upper classes. First created for sanitariums like John Harvey Kellogg’s Western Health Reform Institute, it satisfied the need for a protein-rich food that did not have to be chewed.

Light Emitting Dudes

Dog Imitates Baby

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Dealing with death is hard. Thinking about end-of-life wishes and making plans is uncomfortable, so most of us put it off until it's too late. And after a death, our families are usually left with the burden of stressful, often expensive decisions in a very short period of time, making the death even harder.

Given how important this topic is, we think end-of-life deserves the attention that people give to other important life events like marriage, birth, and career change. Even though there are resources available for many of the bits and pieces of this process, there’s nothing out there that knits it all together into a single, clear end-to-end view of what needs to get done.

Our mission is to make dealing with end-of-life and death less overwhelming.

We believe that by helping people to understand the totality of the decisions they need to make, and by breaking it all down into a step-by-step process, we can make end-of-life planning, dealing with a death, and supporting someone through their loss less confusing, more manageable, and easier to work through.

The Everplans website, articles, and tools can help you learn about your options, make the best decisions for you and your family, and take care of key tasks, all in one place, no matter your situation. And because death affects everyone—from the person approaching death, to those left behind, to those offering support—we offer advice for a variety of different types of people.

Death will always be hard. But Everplans’ new approach can help make it less overwhelming.

The Everplans Site is divided into four main paths based on the different ways people encounter death. Whether you’re putting together a will as a new parent, evaluating end-of-life care arrangements for an aging parent, making funeral arrangements for a loved one, or supporting a friend dealing with a death, Everplans is for you. Each path is broken down into specific, actionable steps and supported by thoughtful, clear, and unbiased articles, useful tools, checklists, and other resources to make the completion of tasks as straightforward as possible.

Long before a death focuses on strategically planning ahead to minimize the emotional and financial burden of a death on loved ones. With life insurance, wills, and trusts in place, and decisions made about how you want to spend the end of your life, your family won’t be left to deal with as many legal and financial logistics in the midst of their grief.

Soon before a death emphasizes taking control of final arrangements and facilitating collaboration between you and your medical caregivers. By letting your family and your caregivers know how to care for you at the end of your life, by organizing your important documents and information, and by making the tough decisions about what kind of funeral you want and how it should be paid for, you can take some of the strain of decision-making off your family, both before and after death.

After a death simplifies decision-making in the immediate and long-term aftermath of a death. At a time when many people are confused and bereft, we offer clear and instructive direction so that those planning a funeral or sorting out an estate can spend less time on logistics and more time with loved ones.

Be there for someone offers advice, tips, and etiquette to those looking to support a friend or family member who has just experienced a loss. By knowing how to respond to another person’s grief, you can be a source of comfort.

Who We Are

We are a small team of entrepreneurs who like building things to help people. We are experienced in building products, tools, content, and businesses. We are people who have dealt with death, and know first-hand the ways in which the existing models do not work.

Adam Seifer is a repeat entrepreneur with a great interest in online social dynamics. He was a co-founder of Fotolog, a pioneering international photo-sharing community that encouraged people to share little updates on their lives via images. He was also part of the team that launched, the first major online social network.

Abby Schneiderman is an entrepreneur who loves working at the center of content, technology, audiences, and monetization. Prior to co-founding Everplans, Abby was a Principal at Tipping Point Partners, where she served as the former head of Business Development for the company's two portfolio companies, AppOrchard and Cookstr. Abby has experience in multiple areas of startup business including product development, marketing, social media, business strategy, and advertising. In 2004, Abby co-founded Haystack Media, one of the first music social networks.

Sarah Whitman-Salkin is an editor and writer with experience in online content organization and branding. She has worked at HarperCollins Publishers and was formerly the Executive Editor at Cookstr, a recipe website.

How You Can Help Us If you’ve found Everplans to be useful, or you think it could be beneficial to someone you know, please help us by spreading the word. Send your friends a link to our site, post a link to your social media profiles, or tell your doctor or social worker about Everplans.

If you have ideas for how we can improve Everplans, we’d like to hear from you. From new content to new tools, we’re always adding to our offerings, and we want to know how we can serve you better.

Lastly, if anything on Everplans has helped you through a tough situation we’d love for you to consider writing a testimonial for us, so please let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

Everything You Should Buy With Your $550 Million Lottery Winnings

As difficult as it may be to come to grips with, the odds of winning the $550 million Powerball jackpot (roughly $368 million after taxes) are just not in your favor. The chances of your numbers being drawn are a 176 million to one long shot. In the long run you'd be far better off investing the money spent on that ticket anywhere else, even a sandwich. Because otherwise you're just throwing it away.

10 Secret Menu Items From Fast Food Restaurants

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to seek out covert items at fast food chains around the country. Be warned, this mission includes very real dangers such as hardening arteries and skyrocketing cholesterol. But we know you won’t let us down. We’ve compiled a list to get you started.

If Every U.S. State Declared War Against the Others, Which Would Win?

These are the accounts of the Second American Civil War, also known as the Wars of Reunification and the American Warring States Period.

After the breakup, many wondered which states would come out in control of the power void created by the dissolution of the United States. There were many with little chance against several of the larger more powerful states. The states in possession of a large population, predisposition for military (i.e.) military bases, and a population open to the idea of warfare fared the best. In the long term, we would look to states with self-sufficiency and long term military capabilities.

Worse Than Bedbugs, It’s the Couch Itself

Last week, millions of Americans ceremoniously started the Holiday Gorge by putting off their diet and exercise resolutions as they helped themselves to another (and another?) slice of pie. Then, with the grace of an elephant in a tutu, they plopped triumphantly onto their favorite couch to bask in the bliss of their food comas. And while you’d have to be living in the most absurd bubble not to know that these types of lifestyle decisions – overeating, eating the wrong things, not exercising enough, and repeating day after day after day – are what’s killing most of us, many of us are not aware of another legitimate threat to our modern-day struggle to survive: it’s that couch you collapsed on.

Time To Buy Some New Tools!

Zero Men Would Describe Partner as Perfect

It’s a sad day for the women of the world as not one man would describe his partner as perfect, rating her instead at an average 7 out of 10.

Jack the Ripper

The Jack the Ripper murders occurred in London more than one hundred years ago. The methods used in the investigations were years before their time but the killer was never found. Since then, evidence has been lost and facts have been muddled. The true story of Jack the Ripper takes a careful, conscious effort to sort through the specifics to determine what happened, and why.

California Flood Threat From "Atmospheric River"

Meteorologists use the term "atmospheric river" to describe a long, narrow plume piping deep moisture from the tropics into the mid-latitudes. One type of atmospheric river (hereafter, AR) you may have heard of is the "Pineapple Express", a pronounced plume tapping moisture from the Hawaiian Islands to the U.S. West Coast.

Amazingly, according to NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL), a strong AR can transport as water vapor up to 15 times the average flow of liquid water at the mouth of the Mississippi River!

Dead bodies on Mount Everest

It is estimated that over 200 people have died in their attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest. The causes of their death vary as widely as the weather at Mount Everest’s peak. Climbers face the dangers of falling off the mountain, tripping into huge crevices, low oxygen levels, avalanches and falling rocks, and weather that can change drastically in mere minutes. At the summit, winds can reach hurricane strength literally blowing the climber off the mountain. Oxygen levels leave the climbers gasping for breath and their oxygen deprived brains leave them unable to make rational decisions. Some climbers stop for a brief rest only to slowly drift into sleep, never to wake up. All dangers aside, ask any climber who has beaten the mountain and reached the 29,000 foot summit and they will tell you the most memorable, and disturbing, part of their climb were the many perfectly preserved bodies that they passed on their way to the top.

Welcome to Lenin Disney: North Korea’s otherworldly tourism experience

The surreality of visiting North Korea begins at customs. Officials in full military dress — and there are a lot of them, judging by this clandestine video shot by a Canadian tourist — announce that anyone carrying a cell phone must surrender it, to be returned on leaving. The experience gets weirder from there, based on the numerous travelogues and reports that have emerged since the country lifted many of its restrictions on American tourists in 2010.

Hotel of Doom, Alcatraz of Fun: North Korea’s finest tourist stays

Should you decide to join the small but growing contingent of Western tourists visiting North Korea every year, you will probably spend most of your time in Pyongyang, and that means staying in one of the few approved hotels. Like most things on the tightly-controlled, propaganda-heavy tours, lodging in North Korea is said to be a uniquely bizarre, but perhaps revealing, experience.

Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

Vietnam 'cancels' Chinese passports

Vietnam's passport control offices are refusing to stamp visa pages in the new Chinese passports containing a map showing islands in the South China Sea as part of Chinese territory.

Here’s the Chinese passport map that’s infuriating much of Asia

China’s new official passport carries, on its eighth page, a watermark map of China that has set off diplomatic disputes with four neighboring countries. The small map shows a version of China that includes disputed territory claimed by India, a vast stretch of the South China Sea, including islands claimed by several other countries, and the entirety of Taiwan.

Well THIS Explains A Lot!

Did You Buy Your Power-ball Ticket?

SHE Has Worked Hard For This Body!

Fly with a bird

YOUR Cat Is A Miniature Version Of This Much Cool!

New Zoo Revue? Who Remembers?

Gustavo Almadovar = A Head Shift To The Left!

The Price is Right Theme 800% Slower

Slowed down 800%, this song becomes an ambient, lush and soothing experience.


The Impenetrable Oak Island Money Pit

Located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, there is a grouping of 360 small islands in an area known as Mahone bay. Amongst those islands is a 140 acre piece of land known as Oak Island. Sitting only 35 feet above sea level, the island’s history tells of an impenetrable cache of treasure located in a “vault known as the Money Pit. Since as early as the 1700’s, adventurers have tried to infiltrate the Money Pit and lay claim to the bounty. Many of died while trying and o date none have succeeded.

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World's Biggest Pile Of Leaves?

Turkey Frame Soup Is Ready To Eat

Do men and women experience flu differently

Are men unfairly castigated for having "man flu" and running to their sick beds at the merest sign of a sniffle?

Are You a Psychopath? Take the Test.

he famous "trolley problem" was a psychological experiment developed by Philippa Foot that involved a railway trolley headed toward five people who can't get out of the way. These people will die unless you, the subject of this experiment, decide to divert the trolley onto another track. That decision comes with a cost. There is another person stuck on that track as well, and that person will die. What do you do?

The Annual Turkey Frame Soup Has Begun

Today THIS One Received A Complete Restore

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Deb Makes 'Chess Pie'

Chess pies are a Southern specialty that has a simple filling of eggs, sugar, butter, and a small amount of flour. Some recipes include cornmeal and others are made with vinegar. Flavorings, such as vanilla, lemon juice, or chocolate are also added to vary the basic recipe.

The origin of the name, Chess Pie, is uncertain, but there are plenty of guesses and a bit of folklore surrounding the name. The most probable explanation is that since the English lemon curd pie filling is very close to lemon chess pie, and they believe the word “chess” is an Americanization of the English word “cheese,” referring to curd pie. Basically the Chess Pie is a cheese-less cheesecake.

Some folklore:
One explanation suggests that the word is “chest,” pronounced with a drawl and used to describe these pies baked with so much sugar they could be stored in a pie chest rather than refrigerated. 
Another story is about the plantation cook who was asked what she was baking that smelled so great - “Jes’ pie” was her answer. 
Here is the recipe:


* 1/2 cup butter
* 2 cups white sugar
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 4 eggs
* 1 tablespoon cornmeal
* 1/4 cup evaporated milk
* 1 tablespoon distilled white vinegar
* 1 (9 inch) unbaked pie crust


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F
2. (mix with electric or by hand) In a large bowl, the butter, sugar and vanilla together.
3. Mix in (by hand) the eggs, then stir in the cornmeal, evaporated milk and vinegar until smooth.
4. Bake for 1 hour. Keep aluminum foil over top of pie for first 20 minutes. Then remove foil for last 40 minutes. Take out of oven and let completely cool. Cut and top servings with whipped cream. You will think you have died and gone to heaven.

My Black Friday Purchase From Amazon: Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection Blu-Ray

Amazon Black Friday price: 99 bucks!


1. Dr. No
2. From Russia with Love
3. Goldfinger
4. Thunderball
5. You Only Live Twice
6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
7. Diamonds Are Forever
8. Live and Let Die
9. The Man with the Golden Gun
10. The Spy Who Loved Me
11. Moonraker
12. For Your Eyes Only
13. Octopussy
14. A View to a Kill
15. The Living Daylights
16. Licence to Kill
17. Goldeneye
18. Tomorrow Never Dies
19. The World is Not Enough
20. Die Another Day
21. Casino Royale
22. Quantum of Solace

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Some More Black Friday Sadness

Two Analysts Just Went To Kansas City To Check Out Google Fiber—And They Were Blown Away

Two analysts from BTIG Research went to Kansas City to see what Google's new cable-company killer, Google Fiber, is like.

What's it like?

It's awesome.

I Present To You Everything That Is Wrong With America

Moultrie, Georga: Wal-Mart Black Friday


What Do You Do If All You Can Do Is Stand?

Sitting is something I currently really suck at!  I have been looking around the house for things I can do while standing up.  I present to you the completely refurbished game table on my Lord Of The Rings Pachinko machine.

Stereoviews of Old Japan


Great Patient: And I Didn't Study For This At All!

Tofu just recently discovered Beggin Strips

10 Amazing Rare Recordings

The internet is an amazing tool for the spreading of information. Before the twentieth century, the only contact a person could have with a distant event was through hearsay or witness accounts – an imperfect experience to say the least. But thanks to the wonder of film and audio, we now have the opportunity to witness almost any event ourselves. Here are ten amazing sounds made available by the internet.

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Time To Eat!

Turkey Is In The Oven!

Tuesday Morning I Went In To Have A Fistula Repaired

Here are some links if you are interested in what I had.  Warning this is not for the faint of heart.

Link - Link - Link

It looks so cozy... NOT!

All hooked up prior to going into surgery.  Note the compression bands around my calves to prevent blood clots during long procedures.

Each syringe has something I apparently need to make it through this thing.  As you can see the look on my face says "What have I done to deserve this?"

In recovery and gone to the world!

All done and going home.
I am on some really good pain medicine and laying low.  I will admit right up front that even with the meds that this was and continues to be UNCOMFORTABLE!

I only needed the one surgery to correct this thing and look forward to being done with it!

The 50 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For

It's the time of year where we all give thanks, and among many other things, we here at Lifehacker are thankful for all the free apps out there that improve our lives (and the developers that make them!). Here are 50 of our favorites.

There Are A Few People Still Trying To Get To Grandma's House!

Flightradar24 shows live air traffic from around the world. The primary technology we use to receive flight information is called automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B). The ADS-B technology itself is best explained by the image to the right.
  1. Aircraft gets its location from a GPS navigation source (satellite)
  2. ADS-B unit on aircraft transmits signal containing about the location (and much and more)
  3. ADS-B signal is picked up by a receiver connected to Flightradar24
  4. Receiver feeds data to Flightradar24
Today, roughly 60% of all passenger aircraft (70% in Europe, 30% in the US) are equipped with an ADS-B transponder. This percentage is steadily increasing as ADS-B is set to replace radar as the primary surveillance method for controlling aircraft.
In addition to ADS-B data, we also get data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. This data is based on radar data and includes all commercial air traffic in US and Canadian air space (i.e. not just planes with ADS-B transponders). Unlike the ADS-B data that is presented real-time, the FAA data is delayed by roughly 5 minutes due to FAA regulations. On the Flightradar24 map, all planes based on FAA data are orange.

Aircraft on Flightradar24

Common aircraft models that have an ADS-B transponder and are visible on Flightradar24:
  • All Airbus models (A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380)
  • ATR 72-600 (most new deliveries)
  • BAe ATP
  • BAe Avro RJ70, RJ85, RJ100
  • Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787
  • Embraer E190 (most new deliveries)
  • Fokker 70 and 100
  • Gulfstream V, G500/G550
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-10, MD-11
  • Sukhoi SuperJet 100
  • Some newer Ilyushin and Tupolev (for example Il-96 and TU-204)
Common aircraft models that do not have an ADS-B transponder and are NOT visible on Flightradar24:
  • Antonov AN-225
  • ATR 42, 72 (except most new deliveries of ATR 72-600)
  • Boeing 707, 717, 727, 737-200, 747-100, 747-200, 747SP
  • All CASA models
  • All Bombardier Dash models
  • All Bombardier CRJ models
  • Dornier 328
  • All Embraer models (except most new deliveries of Embraer E190)
  • Jetstream 32
  • Fokker 50
  • McDonnell Douglas DC-9, MD-8x, MD-90
  • Saab 340 and 2000
  • "Air Force One"
  • Most older aircraft
  • Most military aircraft
Of course, there are lots of exceptions. For example one Lufthansa CRJ900, one LOT ATR-72, one Wideroe Dash, some MD8X from Onur Air, some Saab 340 in Australia and several private Cessnas are visible. There are also some older A300, A310, A320, B737, B747, B757, B767 aircraft flying without and ADS-B transponder, which make those aircraft invisible on Flightradar24.


Flightradar24 has a network of about 500 ADS-B receivers around the world that receives plane and flight information from aircraft with ADS-B transponders and sends this information to a server, and then displays this information on a map on Flightradar24. Only aircraft with an ADS-B transponder, within the coverage area of the 500 receivers are visible.
In addition to ADS-B data, we also display data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This data provides full coverage of the airspace above the United States and Canada. However, this data is slightly delayed (up to 5 minutes) due to FAA regulations. Because of this delay, the planes generated from FAA data are of a different color (orange) than the planes generated from real-time data (yellow).
Flightradar24 covers about 90% of Europe. There is also some coverage in USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Middle East, Japan and other parts around the world.
Flightradar24 relies on volunteers around the world for the majority of our coverage. Find out how you can contribute.

Why I'm Roasting My Turkey

Nine Videos of Turkey Frying Going Horribly Wrong!

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Mass of Daddy Long Legs in a Tree

There’s Always Room for Pie

Infographic: There’s Always Room for Pie - An Infographic from CouponCabin
Latest Infographic from CouponCabin

Hitler’s forgotten attempt to build the world’s largest Olympic stadium

On September 7, 1937, German construction workers laid the cornerstone for what was to become the world's largest stadium — one that would hold over 400,000 spectators. Designed by Hitler's close adviser Albert Speer, the monumental structure drew as much inspiration from the Greek Panathenaic Stadium of Athens as it did from Hitler's brazen megalomania. But in the end, it was simply not meant to be, a project cut short by the demands of World War II and the eventual demise of the Third Reich.

All the Black Friday Deals: 2012

It's the biggest shopping day of the year. There are tons of deals—and not-really-deals—out there. So we combed through every one we could find, and ranked them all. Here's your Ultimate Black Friday guide: happy hunting.

China Will Build the Tallest Building In the World in Just 90 Days !

According to its engineers, this will be the tallest skyscraper in the world by the end of March of 2013. Its name is Sky City, and its 2,749 feet (838 meters) distributed in 220 floors will grow in just 90 days in Changsha city, by the Xiangjiang river. Ninety days!

It's not a joke. According to the construction company, the skyscraper will be built in just 90 days at the unbelievable rate of five floors per day.

The Same Company Has Already Built a 30-story building in just 15 days!

The Hobbit's existing footage has been fused into epic seven-minute trailer

This is a fan made compilation of all The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey trailers and TV spots, including: Announcement trailer, Announcement trailer (G), Trailer 1, TV Spot 1 - 7, UK 1 minute TV spot, Japanese 1 minute TV Spot. Shots and sequences have been re-ordered into the possible running order of the final film. The audio can be choppy in places as original trailer background music overlaps much of the dialogue.


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Mythbusters Fun

50 Years of James Bond: The Movie

Approximately five minutes from each of the 22 Eon produced James Bond films have been cut together, in order and in sequence, beginning with the first five minutes of DR. NO (1962) followed by minutes 5-10 of FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963), minutes 10-15 of GOLDFINGER (1964), minutes 15-20 of THUNDERBALL (1965), continuing on through each of the remaining 18 Bond features (accounting for variables in each title's running time) culminating with the final five minutes of 2008's QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

This fresh look at the "James Bond Formula" provides a new exploration of the evolution of the series into a film making genre uniquely its own. With few exceptions, each title's transition into the picture that follows it is nearly seamless, creating a viewing experience that at first might serve to remind us "if you've seen one Bond film, you've seen them all," but looking more closely it is in fact an endearing homage to a character who single-handedly shaped modern cinema's action/adventure formula and who continues to leave an indelible mark on generations worldwide.


Strange New Air Force Facility Energizes Ionosphere, Fans Conspiracy Flames

Bringing Haarp to fruition was, well, complicated. A group of scientists had to cozy up to a US senator, cut deals with an oil company, and convince the Pentagon that the project might revolutionize war. Oh, and along the way they sparked enough conspiracy theories to make the place sound like an arctic Area 51.

Into the vault: the operation to rescue Manhattan's drowned internet

Hurricane Sandy's storm surge flooded Verizon's downtown office, rendering miles of copper wiring useless.

I Am Shaken To My Core!

Every Morning We Take The Toys Downstairs...

And Every Night He Brings Them Back Up!

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Top 10 Unusual Trees

Trees are boring. All they do is stand there, occasionally looking pretty in the winter or dropping fruit in the autumn. Except trees are fascinating organisms. They live on a timescale that is hard to relate to human life, and because they act so slowly we often do not notice what they are doing. Here are ten particularly unusual trees; unusual either because of their biology or because humans have changed them in some way.

10 More Unusual Trees

A list was published last year titled, “Top 10 Unusual Trees” and although it was a great list, I thought there were some truly bizarre trees that could have been included. That is why I decided to forge this list detailing 10 more unusual/bizarre trees from around the world. Enjoy.

Beyond the Twinkie: 5 Other Hostess Products We’re Losing

The corporate future of Hostess Brands is hanging by a mere thread, and the Internet is all a-Twitter with Twinkie talk. But there’s more than just a golden snack cake at risk here. Here are five other Hostess products that could vanish forever.

10 bets you will always win X 2

Cat Jumping Up And Swatting Toy In Super Slow Motion

Smashing Movie Moments

Kittens watching tennis


Inception Bath Tub

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Super-Sized (And Somewhat Insane) Soviet Projects

The Soviet Union decided the best way to show up the West was to build the biggest version of any given object. The following are just seven of the largest examples.

Nad's Nose Wax for Men and Women


Shippo, The Brain-Controlled Tail

The Wilhelm scream

The Wilhelm scream is a film and television stock sound effect that has been used in more than 200 movies, beginning in 1951 for the film Distant Drums.[1]The scream is often used when someone is shot, falls from a great height, or is thrown from an explosion.

Apparently voiced by actor and singer Sheb Wooley, the sound is named after Private Wilhelm, a character in The Charge at Feather River, a 1953 western in which the character is shot with an arrow. This was believed to be the third movie to use the sound effect and its first use from the Warner Bros. stock sound library.[2]

The effect gained new popularity (its use often becoming an in-joke) after it was used in Star Wars, the Indiana Jones series,Disney cartoons and many other blockbuster films as well as television programs and video games.[3]

Complete List of Wilhelm Screams

The 11 Worst Sounds in the World

Annoying? Unbearable? Squirm-inducing? However you care to describe them, certain sounds are just intolerable to some people. Beginning in 2007, Professor Trevor Cox of Britain’s Salford University launched an ambitious ongoing research project to discover what sounds bug humans the most. Over the years, Cox has received over one million responses, both via his online site and an exhibit at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry, and thus far the results are as follows

Slo-As-A-Mofo-Sho - Egg Destruction!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dragon Baby

Julie and the Deathly Surgeon

A Golden Jubilee Kuwait style

Kuwait on 10-11-2012 (Saturday) marked the golden jubilee of its constitution with a spectacular $15-million fireworks display which earned the wealthy Gulf state a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

How To Beat Jet Lag

Even astronauts have a difficult time getting over jet lag.

So much so that NASA has a fatigue-management team at the Johnson Space Center in Houston trying to devise strategies to deal with it. Astronauts are constantly traveling to space agencies in Germany, Japan and Russia for training. 

And when they get there, "they have to hit the ground running,"

A Bicycle Horn That's 178 Decibels - Louder Than a Concorde Jet

It's a rather extreme solution to road safety - but an inventor has come up with a bicycle horn that should be IMPOSSIBLE for drivers to ignore.

It runs off a scuba diving air cylinder - and emits 178 decibels, the same as a Concorde jet taking off.

Keen cyclist Yannick Read, 41, designed The Hornster after repeatedly getting cut-up by car and lorry drivers.

An Indiana State Prison Lets Murderers Adopt Cats In Their Cells

Cats started the Indiana State Prison cat program. One by one, over the years, they arrived, entering the prison through the bars of the North Gate, depositing litters of kittens into the eager arms and hearts of the inmates there.

Oil Rocks - City Above the Sea

Visualized Keyboard Usage

How Many Photos Have Been Taken?

An Addict’s Guide To Pachinko

Garish blinking lights. Overwhelming noise. Suffocating smoke. Zombified patrons. For fresh-off-the-boat gaijin, the pachinko parlor is one of the first signs that Japan is, indeed, the strangest place on earth. Yet, more than anything else, pachinko is a drug, and like any drug it can be intimidating to try. You need to be shown how, and you need to be convinced you should. So, take our hand as we lead you to the highest of Japanese highs — and the lowest of lows.

Chopstick Pickpocket

Anti Thief Case

Fireworks From Chinese New Year