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Apple Vinegar Drink...

Very Tasty!

You're Not Doing It Right!

The Secret Door

I've featured this before, but this time there is a twist.

The worlds highest library.

Hmmmm. I wonder what those hinges are for?

A secret door!

That leads to another door.

The door opens up to a viewing deck on the 60th floor.

The view is amazing!

Some Animusic For Your Sunday

The Divorce Starts Next Week

88-way Female Formation Skydiving Record

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Swimming Pool Table Top

After 5 years the tiles on the swim up bar table were coming off 5+ a day!  Repair would be fine until the next winter/summer cycle so we decided to fix it forever.  Granite top looks good and should last as long as we are.

2012 Olympics Drinking Game

Dusk In Hong Kong

You Knew There'd Be One

China Wardrobe Malfunction!

Heat and sweat did not combine well and sabotaged my pants just before a plop into a chair after touring a 90+ degree showroom!  A low "riiiiiiiip" indicated that my pants had failed!

Luckily I had a spare pair in my pack!  

The face you make when you hear your pants rip out!

The damage.

High Speed Train

Tough to figure out what you might need!

Phone charging station.

Go ahead.  Try to get on without a ticket.

Arriving In Shanghai

Vietnam Wrap Up

"It's not the heat that gets you.  It's the humidity!"

The reason it takes awhile to get anywhere in Vietnam.

Coal cakes for cooking.

Just what I was craving!

ISS At Night

Upward Lightning

An upward lightning flash develops from a television tower in Rapid City, South Dakota. Filmed at 7,207 images per second.

How Hungry Was I This Morning?


China's 60th Anniversary Parade (2009)

Narrator translation:

- How dutiful are China's daughters, discarding fashion for uniform.
- This formation, composed of the Capital Women's Militia is a dazzling spotlight of the parade.
- Among this formation are civil servants, entrepreneurs, social youths and university students.
- With their vigorous energy, they showcase the Capital Women's Militia's lustrous splendor.
- With their fiery youth, they illustrate their love and loyalty for the motherland.


How to save yourself if you're choking

Fake Beggar

I Think I Need More Sleep!

No, You Will Not Squat Under This Bridge

Always Good To Find One Of THESE!

Vicente Slams Hong Kong Just Days After I Leave!

HONG KONG -- A powerful typhoon slammed the Chinese territory of Hong Kong on Tuesday, injuring dozens, disrupting communications and bringing business to a standstill in one of the world's leading financial centers.

Typhoon Vincente made landfall at 4 a.m. (2000 GMT Monday), after the Hong Kong Observatory issued its No. 10 hurricane signal - the highest - for the first time since 1999.

By early morning, wind speeds that had reached around 140 kph (88 mph) moderated to 59 kph (37 mph), and the observatory lowered its signal, though still warning the territory's residents of strong gales.

The government said that 118 people had been injured during the night, including 52 admitted to hospitals. Flying debris struck several people in the central business district and subway stations around the territory were converted into temporary shelters to accommodate dozens of stranded passengers.

At daybreak, the normally bustling Central district resembled a ghost town, with the stock market and major banks closed, and businesses shuttered.

Dozens of flights at Hong Kong airport were cancelled or delayed, and ferry services linking Hong Kong island, with Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands were suspended.

Throughout the morning, cleanup crews struggled to remove fallen trees and branches from major roadways. Some flooding was reported in the New Territories.

After smashing through Hong Kong, Vincente headed into China's Guangdong province. The official Xinhua News Agency said nine flights were canceled at Zhuhai Airport on Monday evening, with heavy rain falling in the region. Train services in the region were rescheduled because of the storm.

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