Monday, May 28, 2012

Picked Up A New Pachinko Game Today

CR Kappa 64 [F] © 2002 Fuji Shogi Co., Ltd.

$65 on Craigslist... A Great Deal!

Severe Air Disturbance In Arab Airbus 300 Flight

It's Time To Go Make A Drink!

David Attenborough: Makes It All Sound Good

Progress Inside And Out

New wall rail system for the Pachinko Machines.  I have a case on order for the middle machine and then the table can go.

New USB plugs have been installed around the house.  Now I don't need to worry about the converter, just plug in the cable and I'm set.

Finally had the chandelier moved over the table where it belongs.

Installed some track style lighting in the old chandelier location.

The pool is open and warm.

Big tree killed by Boring Beetles has been hauled away.  We're currently on the lookout for the replacement.

The outdoor bar/kitchen has been cleaned and made ready for summer.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

2210: The Collapse?

If You Love Alien...

Alien Evolution.

Flag Etiquette

How to Fly the American Flag.


I'm Just Too Tired To Eat You Right Now...

Kitten VS Shiny Ball

RMS Queen Mary: The Ship

RMS Queen Mary Video Wrap-Up

RMS Queen Mary Stateroom

The night before we started our Carnival Cruise we spent the night on the RMS Queen Mary. A floating hotel. The top photo is of a preserved stateroom.  The rest of the photos are from our actual room.

When's The Last Time You Cleaned Yours?

You'd Be Crazy NOT To Buy Something THIS Tough!

My Birthday Present From Deb

More Information Here.

Two Weeks Behind!

Vacation with no internet access and then a week of work related catch-up has put me WAY behind on the Blog Updates.

I begin the correction with all 7 towel animals from our Mexican Riviera Cruise!

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