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What would happen if I drilled a tunnel through the center of the Earth and jumped into it?


Death by Caffeine

How much of your favorite energy drink, soda, or caffeinated food would it take to kill you? Take this quick test and find out.

Amazing Stuff!

Get The Ice Pick Ready... You're Going To Need It!

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You Need To Get Out Of The Fast Lane... NOW!

Strong Language.

Crazy Stuff!

Yes, We Are A Really Small Part Of A Very Big Thing

Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together!

The CALM Tornado Report

Yes It Does Pull To The Right... Why Do You Ask?

In Sri Lanka, Women get hit by trains and walk it off!

My Allergies Are Acting Up!

The lights of Tokyo, before and after the earthquake

Tokyo before and after March's earthquake and tsunami. The metropolis' lights have dimmed due to power shortages and energy conservation efforts.

Watch Devo's new video in 360-degree Devovision

I have to say, the first new thing to impress me this year on the web.  Pan around a video in 360 degrees while it is playing?  VERY COOL!

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Japan: One Month After

Choose and Explain In The Comment Section

1) A pot that can produce 1,000 tons of any food a day.

2) A bracelet that keeps weather perfect wherever you go and within a 100 mile radius.

3) A necklace that allows you to touch books and instantly absorb knowledge from them, without reading.

4) An unlimited bottle of perfume that will make you wildly attractive to the opposite sex, which cannot be used on anyone you love.

5) A watch that allows you to reverse time by a minute or less per day.

6) A bell that when rang fixes any one object at a time, excluding living things, within a minute.

7) A chocolate bar, with twelve pieces, that makes anyone who eats a single piece invincible and youthful until the age of 160.

8) A no fuel required, maintenance free, eight person van that can take you anywhere on the planet within one second.

9) A remote control that allows you and another person to change, superficially, into anyone you want; the effect lasts until you decide to revert.

10) An immortal dog that poops out one gold coin every time it goes to the bathroom.

Pocket Full of Dough

The strange happiness of the Emergency Medic

Cute Overload

Now That Is Close!

Too Close!

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Still More Amazing Tsunami Footage

No One EVER Thinks About the Marshmallow!


Sweet Jesus! Why Would They Put Glass There?

Time To Clean The Cobra Pit...


Why Are We Fat?

Obesity in America has reached a crisis point. Two out of every three Americans are overweight, one out of every three is obese. One in three are expected to have diabetes by 2050. Minorities have been even more profoundly affected. African-Americans have a 50 per cent higher prevalence of obesity and Hispanics 25 per cent higher when compared with whites. How did the situation get so out of hand? On this week's episode of Fault Lines, Josh Rushing explores the world of cheap food for Americans living at the margins. What opportunities do people have to eat healthy? Who is responsible for food deserts and processed food in American schools? Fault Lines finds food revolutions taking place and speaks with the people that are fighting back.

If You See Me Ever Do This, Call A Doctor...

First Grilling of 2011

Marinated Skirt Steak anyone?

Yes, I know the grill needs a good cleaning... I'm saving that for the first 70 degree day!

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The Always Up-To-Date Guide to Rooting Any Android Phone

With all the different devices out there running different versions of Android, the rooting process can be a little different for every phone. Here's a one-stop guide that should get you up and running with root access, no matter what device you have.

The New Commodore 64, Updated With Its Old Exterior

The new Commodore 64, which will begin shipping at the end of the month, has been souped up for the modern age. It comes with a 1.8 gigahertz dual-core processor, an optional Blu-ray player and built-in ethernet and HDMI ports. It runs the Linux operating system but the company says you can install Windows if you like. The new Commodore is priced between $250 to $900.

The company’s Web site says that the new Commodore 64 is “a modern functional PC,” and that although the guts of the device have greatly improved, the exterior is “as close to the original in design as humanly possible.” Most people would not be able to visibly tell the old or new versions apart, it says.

Atari’s Greatest Hits For Your iPad!

Early this morning Atari released perhaps the most significant single retro gaming application yet to appear in the App Store. Atari's Greatest Hits [link] is a free Universal application for the iPhone and iPad that comes bundled with their first game ever, the 1972 classic Pong. And, while the games-for-free situation ends there, the fun certainly doesn't — not by a long shot.

The available game packs include:
  • Asteroid Pack
    • 1. Asteroid
    • 2. Asteroid Deluxe
    • 3. Asteroids 2600
    • 4. Canyon Bomber – Bluetooth Multiplayer
  • Battlezone Pack
    • 1. Battlezone
    • 2. Red Baron
    • 3. Air-Sea Battle – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 4. Submarine Commander
  • Centipede Pack
    • 1. Centipede
    • 2. Millipede
    • 3. Centipede 2600
    • 4. Millipede 2600
  • Black Widow Pack
    • 1. Black Widow
    • 3. Desert Falcon
    • 4. Space War
  • Crystal Castles Pack
    • 1. Crystal Castles
    • 2. Crystal Castls 2600
    • 4. Maze Craze
  • Gravitar Pack
    • 1. Gravitar
    • 2. Gravitar 2600
    • 3. Radar Lock
    • 4. Demons to Diamonds – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
  • Star Raiders Pack
    • 1. Star Raiders
    • 2. Liberator
    • 4. Human Cannonball
  • Missile Command Pack
    • 1. Missile Command
    • 2. Missile Command 2600
    • 3. Fun with Numbers
    • 4. Flag Capture – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
  • Lunar Lader Pack
    • 1. Lunar Lander
    • 2. Sky diver – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 3. Video Pinball
    • 4. Code Breaker
  • Super Breakout Pack
    • 1. Super Breakout
    • 3. Off – the – Wall
    • 4. Circus Atari – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
  • Tempest Pack
    • 2. Tempest 2600 – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 3. Outlaw
    • 4. Atari Video Cube
  • Majar Havoc Pack
    • 1. Major Havoc
    • 2. Secret Quest
    • 3. Sentinel
    • 4. Yars Revenge – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
  • Warlords Pack
    • 2. Warlords 2600
  • Adventure Pack
    • 1. Adventure
    • 2. Haunted House
    • 3. Return to Haunted House
    • 4. Save Mary
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Pack
    • 1. 3d Tic-Tac-Toe
    • 2. A game of concentration
    • 3. Backgammon
    • 4. Brain Games
  • Fatal Run Pack
    • 1. Fatal Run
    • 2. Dodge ‘Em
    • 3. Night Driver
    • 4. Street Racer – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
  • Quadrun Pack
    • 1. Quadrun
    • 2. Slot Racers – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 3. Stellar Track
    • 4. Math Gran Prix
  • Casino Pack
    • 2. Slot Machine
    • 3. Video Checkers
    • 4. Video Chess
  • Sword Quest Pack
    • 1. Swordquest Earthworld
    • 2. Swordquest Fireworld
    • 3. Swordquest Waterworld
    • 4. Sprintmaster
  • Championship Soccer Pack
    • 1. Championship Soccer – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 2. Golf
    • 3. Double Dunk
    • 4. Basketball
  • Football Pack
    • 2. Home Run
    • 3. Miniature Golf
    • 4. Bowling
  • Real Sports Basketball Pack
    • 1. Realsports Basketball – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 2. Realsports Boxing – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 3. Realsports Tennis – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 4. Realsports Baseball – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
  • Real Sports Football Pack
    • 1. Realsports Football – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 2. Realsports Soccer – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 3. Realsports Vollyball – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
    • 4. Video Olympics – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER
  • Battlezone Pack
    • 1. Battlezone 2600
    • 2. Super Breakout 2600
    • 3. Super Baseball
    • 4. Super Football
  • Hangman Pack
    • 1. Hangman
    • 2. Black Jack
    • 3. Steeplechase

Ion and Atari Teaming Up For the iCade: A Classic Arcade Machine Setup For Your iPad

How Japan’s Tsunami Massive Debris Plume Will Hit California and Hawaii

If you live in Hawaii, California, British Columbia, Alaska or Baja California, here is some bad news: According to computer models made by scientists at the International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa, all the debris washed out by the Japan tsunami is coming your way.

Rip, Watch and Organize Everything: The Ultimate Media Guide

Yes, the times are changing. Yes, we've cut back on purchasing CDs, DVDs, and BDs lately. Yes, we still have plenty of discs lying around in jewel cases on dusty shelves or in enormous three-ring binders. And yes-most definitely yes-we want to be able to access all these movies and songs from our PC, television, and our shiny new smartphone.

The Ship Captain's Medical Guide

The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide is intended primarily for use on ships where no doctor is carried and it is necessary for laymen to assess and treat injuries and to diagnose and treat ill health. The Guide can also be recommended for use in other situations where professional medical advice is not readily available, for example on expeditions.
For the 22nd edition the Guide has been comprehensively reviewed and updated. It contains a wide range of authoritative advice – from birth to death, from first aid, general nursing, hygiene and the prevention of disease, to the treatment of injuries and diseases. The recommended measures for prevention and treatment can be safely carried out by an intelligent layman.

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Most Unbelievable Tsunami Video I Have Ever Seen!

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world!

The main tank called the 'Kuroshio Sea' holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world's second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60 centimeters. Whale sharks and manta rays are kept amongst many other fish species in the main tank.

"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"

First Ever Monster Truck Back-flip!

I'm Suddenly Feeling That My Hobbies Are Quite Reasonable!

He's OKAY!

Vomiting Facts... Yes I said Vomiting Facts!

Bizarre E.R.

Mazatlan Photo Dump

Yes We DID Eat At Some Funky Places

Mexican Sunset

Mazatlan Ocean Life

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Deb VS The Beach Vendor

He Travels A Great Distance...
Deb Is Overcome By His Powers...
He Moves On To Find Others.

We Are Back From Mazatlan

Deb Looks Good...

And I Look Silly