Monday, January 31, 2011

Congress Forgets How to Pass a Law!

Congress Forgets How To Pass A Law

Idaho 'Yurt' Adventure: Part 3

The Yurt had a guest book filled with stories and experiences but consisted mostly of words. There were some drawings however and a few of them stood out. Here are my favorites. Be sure and read the words above the last drawing for a chuckle.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Never, Ever Trust a Kangaroo!

How to spend $1 million in just over 12 minutes

Demolition began on the evening of Friday, October 8, and work continued around the clock until early in the morning of Tuesday, October 12.

Drive It Like A Rental!

Ahhh, Careless Youth

For Those of You Who Are REALLY Obsessed With Cord Management!

"The Truck Eating Bridge"


Kitty Midnight Madness!

Cockpit view of a twilight landing at LAX

A very colorful and unique perspective of the city lights from the cockpit of a commercial jet as it makes some final turns before landing at LAX. The image was captured using a motion picture film camera that was hand-cranked, thus giving the deliberate sped up effect.

The shocking truth about the electric Volt

Idaho 'Yurt' Adventure: Part 1

$8 sled, 40 dollars worth of rope, hardware and harness and you too can make your own towing sled.

"Where did all that extra stuff come from?"

Rick the 'Snow Mule' in action!

Sometimes I got hot.

Deb, making it look easy.

Using my ability to fly I photograph the whole group: Hope, Deb and Joe.
One hour and thirty minutes later and we were there.

It was a beautiful day to hike up a mountain.

Idaho 'Yurt' Adventure: Part 2

Deb in 'the kitchen.'

Don't forget the outhouse! Nope, it does not have a door.  Reason?  You could not open or close it with the snow in the way.  You do get a lovely view of the woods and the opening does face away from the Yurt.
What the hell is a Yurt anyway?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

China Photo Flood: Part 1

Steamed Buns.

Selling Sweet Potatoes.


Good to know!

China Photo Flood: Part 2

This lady was NOT happy that I took her photo!

I am guessing that the television reception in this building is awesome!

Now THAT'S a menu!

Let me think, "How many stockings should I buy?"

Riding The Train

Here Comes The Snack Cart!
Waiting for the train in Yiwu.
Normally I clean up my photos but I am leaving the pollution in so you can really appreciate it!

Yes it was cold and yes that is snow on the ground.
Approaching the train station.

There were a few of us taking the train today! 
A game of cards or dice.
Our waiting area...
Some other waiting areas.