Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time To Eat

Just Added The Noodles

Sun Setting On A Cold Sunday Evening

Turkey Noodle Soup: Right Now

Bones removed, stock strained, goodies added.

Imagine A Saturday Without Mail

Delivering mail house to house, six days a week, is something letter carriers guarantee. But in these days of FedEx, e-mail and online bill-paying services, there's not as much mail to deliver.
That's part of why the U.S. Postal Service wants to cut its losses and end Saturday deliveries.

We've Got Snow!

Look What's Cooking Right Now

The beginnings of Turkey Frame Noodle Soup!

Amazing Acting... And It's Just a Training Video!

Just Another Day At The Mall Food Court

Hey! Is That My Phone?

It Is Getting Cold Out, You're Going To Need This

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Cats Being Thankful?

Did someone say stuffing?
Dude! We ate way too much!

Dropbox: A Great Free Tool

10 GOOD Reasons To Stay at Home on Black Friday!

A collection of Black Friday Trample videos.

Good Morning!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just Came Out Of The Oven!

North Korea - The Craziest Country in the World

North Korea - The Craziest Country in the World


Thanksgiving 2010 Myths and Facts

Before the big dinner, debunk the myths—for starters, the first "real" U.S. Thanksgiving wasn't until the 1800s—and get to the roots of Thanksgiving 2010.

10 Bites of Thanksgiving trivia to liven up dinner

Whether you need to make polite conversation with your sister's new boyfriend or are just trying to interrupt the passive aggressive flow of family quips at the table, it's always nice to have a few pieces of Thanksgiving trivia up your sleeve for the big meal.

Here's a flock of 10 nerdy Thanksgiving statistics that I pulled off the U.S. Census Bureau site. Print them out for a topical post-prandial quiz or pepper them into casual dinner conversation as if you just happened to know turkey, cranberry and pumpkin yields for several states because your brain is so big.

The Not-So-Ancient History of 10 Thanksgiving Dishes

On Thanksgiving, more than any other day of the year, Americans sit down and eat the same meal as their neighbors and countrymen. It’s tradition, after all! But we know our history: most of the Thanksgiving dishes we enjoy today weren’t at the original Pilgrims’ feast in 1621, or at least not in the way we enjoy them. How did we come up with the modern menu on so many tables?

Alcohol 52% Free Edition - For All Your Virtual Drive Needs!

Version 2 release includes a brand new User Interface with full unicode support
New Folder Management, and enhanced Reading engines.
You can download a new plugin for version 2 that will allow you to convert your discs to MP3

There are no limitations on this version, other than the ability to create only 6 virtual drives. Our retail version still supports 31 virtual drives.

Remember you can not run Alcohol 52% if you have Alcohol 120% installed on the same drive.

This version of Alcohol 52% is for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only.The license is provided personally to you and for that reason it does not allow you to make any duplicate (copy) to be sold, borrowed, assigned, leased or transferred.

Emulation software allowing users to play CDs DVDs without the need for the physical disc. Notebook users and PC Game players would benifit the most from Alcohol 52% Supports 25 plus languages Can handle up to 6 virtual CD DVD-ROM drives, all at once. The reading speed of a virtual CD-ROM is 200X.

This means you can play a CD from the virtual CD-ROM with 200X reading speed. Supports normal CD DVD and CD RAW sub-channel reading methods: RAW reading method enables to emulate all CDs.

CD formats supported: CD-DA, CD+G, CD-ROM, CD-XA, Video CD, Photo CD, Mixed Mode, Multi-session CD DVD formats supported: DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio Support for all current (ATAPI SCSI) drives: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW Full support for IEEE-1394 (Firewire) and USB protocols.

Winner of the 2006 Epsilon Award at the sixth annual European SharewareConference

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Fastest Rollercoaster In The World

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete

Is marriage becoming obsolete?

As families gather for Thanksgiving this year, nearly one in three American children is living with a parent who is divorced, separated or never-married. More people are accepting the view that wedding bells aren't needed to have a family.

9 Coolest Web Apps You Might Not Know About (But Should)

There are many web apps out there, but getting by free and good ones is not that easy. That is why I am sharing The 9 Coolest Web Apps You Might Not Know About But Should. Read each entry in the list and see which tool suits your needs best.

Let Their Words Do the Talking

The Poor Man's Polygraph consists of a series of techniques that increase the probability of detecting deception, The Poor Man's Polygraph provides deceptive indicators, not proof of deception. Detecting deception is difficult because truthful people sometimes emit verbal and nonverbal cues that indicate deception. Likewise, deceptive people sometimes emit verbal and nonverbal cues indicate truthfulness. Additionally, people are, in general, poor lie catchers. The Poor Man's Polygraph consists of the following techniques: Well..., Why should I believe you?, Parallel Lie, Forced Response, and Land of Is. The Poor Man's Polygraph will be presented in a five part series beginning with the Well... technique. The Poor Man's Polygraph can be found in its entirety in Advanced Interviewing Techniques: Proven Strategies for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Personnel.

I'm Impressed!

Nothing you see in this video is real (I really DO mean nothing) it is ALL computer generated

Travel full-time for less than $14,000 per year

Ask anyone what they wish they could do more of, and the answer is literally always the same: “I wish I could travel more.” Yet when you remove all the excuses, few people actually do. I don’t have enough vacation days! It’s too expensive. My friends don’t want to go with me.

I know I’ve been guilty of this.

Today, I’ve asked Nora Dunn, a professional world traveler, to write up a detailed post with her tips on traveling affordability. What I love about this article is how Nora has used money to do what she wants– instead of waiting around for a mythical day where she’ll be able to travel.

How to use airline miles to fly business class (without even stepping foot on an airplane)

Business class. The dream of all who fly. With its flat beds, delicious food, wide seats, and pampered service, it seems the part of the plane reserved only for frequent fliers or those with deep pockets. At least, that’s what I used to think. Now I fly business class on all my long haul flights and I’m neither a rich man nor that much of a frequent flier (I don’t even fly enough each year for get elite status). So how do I get into business class then? I use the airline’s rewards system against them.

12 Places You Didn't Know Had Free WiFi

Sure, we all know many airports and cafes have free WiFi, but what about your local big box retailer? Recently we were surprised to discover a free WiFi hotspot where we did not expect it which got us thinking about all of the unexpected places where we've found free WiFi (and we are not just talking about your neighbor's unsecured linksys network).

The 1-Step Plan for Super-Productivity

When I interview creatives, I often ask them what advice they would give to the next generation, the up-and-comers. Curiously, there’s one incredibly important habit that nearly all of them possess that is almost never mentioned. So what is the secret ingredient in their productivity regime? It’s simple: They get up early.

15 Ways to Winterize Your Home

9 Ways to Winterize Your Car

Taking Care of Your Personal Archives

As many of you may know, a couple weeks ago, as a part of the Smithsonian's October Archives Month celebrations, Smithsonian Institution Archives experts answered your questions about your own personal archives. The Facebook Q&A session we held over at the main Smithsonian Facebook page was a great success, and so we wanted to highlight some of the interesting questions that came out of the session.

You Park Like an Asshole

Sick of a car taking up two spaces on the street? How about a car too close to yours? What about the car at the mall parked diagonally? Now you can do something about it. Simply download a notice and place it on the car's windshield. The owner of the vehicle will be informed of their asshole status as well as the proper tips to improve their poor parking techniques. It's time to put an end to asshole parking, or at least to make fun of it.

How To Survive Thanksgiving With Your Family

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Winter Is Coming!

The cold will soon prevent us from doing our workouts outside.  So, we have fancied up the gym in the garage.