Monday, September 20, 2010

Klepto Manta Mugs Cameraman

What began as another exhilarating manta ray night dive off Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on an August evening in 2010, quickly turned into the theft of the century. Cameraman Travis Matteson was capturing footage for the scuba diving travel television show "Into the Drink" aboard the Kona Aggressor II. Suddenly, one of the manta's giant wings hooked his light system, and darted off with the nearly $10,000 worth of photo gear. Underwater videographer Johnny Reidt caught the entire theft on camera, and the manta, carrying the stolen photo rig, captured some amazing footage of the nighttime reef. Remarkably, the camera rig was found completely intact after an eight-minute run by the manta, just yards from the dive boat. Case closed.

31 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

You know the feeling. You get home from work, stressed and exhausted. Thankfully, a certain sudsy cure-all comes to mind. You survey your fridge or beer cellar and select a delicious and refreshing craft beer with just the right amount of age on it for the style. While you allow your beer to journey up into that magical 50 to 55 degree zone, you take out the appropriate glassware (probably a tulip) and give that bad boy a rinse just to be safe.

Everything is going according to plan until you realize hey, you don't have a bottle opener. It's broken. Or somebody borrowed it. Or maybe it fell behind the couch. Who knows? The point is, your beer is now dangerously close to turning from perfect to warm. Well you may not have a bottle opener on hand, but chances are you do have one of these 32 other items that should do the trick just as well. You're welcome and enjoy.

Remoter Controls Android's Music Player from Your Home Screen

If you use your phone to listen to music, it can be annoying to open up the player just to switch tracks. Remoter is a set of home screen shortcuts that control the default Android music player.

Mini Info Is a Thorough and Easy To Read Android System Monitor

The problem with most system monitors is that they present the information to you in only one way, take it or leave it. Mini Info fits battery charge, local memory, and/or SD memory monitoring all into a simple 2x1 widget.

EA to Support Android Gaming

According to EA's Chief Financial Officer Eric Brown, EA has decided to push the Android platform in addition to the iPhone. Citing his own market projections, Brown said that they expect the "a lot to happen" in Android's future.

What to do when body parts fall off

Jim Beaty was renovating his Seattle, Washington, home one day when he went to cut a 16-foot piece of siding in the garage. He turned to talk to his son, Eric, and the electric saw went out of control and cut his fingers...

Puggy, a Pekingese who holds the world record for the longest tongue

Ukrainian spectacle

OK Go - White Knuckles

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 weird jobs that pay really well

British sommelier Gerard Baset celebrates the victory in the Sommelier World ChampionshipFinding a job in a recession is difficult, but the jobs are out there. You just have to know where to look, and for some jobs, be willing to think outside the cube -- imagine selling tequila shots to drunken men for up to $600 a night, diving for pearls for $1,200 a day or diving below an oil rig for $80,000 a year. The good news is that these weird jobs pay well, and are unique jobs to add to a resume.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now That Is A Catchy Dance!

Why Everything Wireless is 2.4GHz

You live your life at 2.4GHz. Your router, your cordless phone, your Bluetooth earpiece, your baby monitor and your garage opener all love and live on this radio frequency, and no others. Why? The answer is in your kitchen.

DroidIris Is a Gesture-Based Google Images Search Tool

If you're a fan of the slick image browser Cooliris you'll love DroidIris, a Cooliris-like image search application that uses gesture-based navigation to browse Google Images.

WWII Jeep Could Be Assembled From Packing Crates In 4 Minutes

We Must Band Together And Save The Old People From This Scam!

Videos of Plane Landings From The Cockpit


SkyRider airline seats pack fliers into 23 inches of space

Think your seat in coach is cramped? Take a look at the SkyRider!

Kindle Goes After The iPad

The Joshua Tree Boulder House

Lighting the Yard

An illuminating look at yard lights.

Dig Toilets Not Graves

Surviving the Darkness

The plight of the 33 miners trapped in northern Chile since Aug. 5 is harrowing enough. To survive, they must endure constant 90 percent humidity, avoid starvation, battle thirst, guard against fungus and bacteria, and stay sane enough to safely do the work necessary to aid their own rescue. Yet even if they accomplish all that, they face another danger: the constant darkness.

The Bomb Chroniclers

They risked their lives to capture on film hundreds of blinding flashes, rising fireballs and mushroom clouds.

The blast from one detonation hurled a man and his camera into a ditch. When he got up, a second wave knocked him down again.

'Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man)' A cappella Tribute Medley

Now That's Just Lazy!

Am I In Your Way?

Google Maps for Android Updates, Includes Walking Navigation and Street View Smart Navigation

How Do I Convert Video for my Android Phone?


SlimDrivers is a feature-packed driver-management tool for Windows that downloads and installs new drivers, schedules future scans, and archives your old drivers for easy rollback in case problems crop up.

Get an Early Gmail Update on Your Android Phone

Google's updating its Gmail app for Android, adding a floating header/reply bar for usability and some real overall speed improvements. An unofficial beta of that better version is in the wild, and phones running Froyo (2.2) can try it out.

Are You Still Doing It The Old Way? Me Too.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Pachinko In 1960

Even if you don't care about Pachinko the video is fascinating!

Kindle 3 Video Review

Major Authors Are Going Digital

Many best-selling authors are going direct by publishing through epublishers instead of traditional publishing companies. Here's why.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

My 1978 Nishijin C Pachinko Machine!

Picked up three 1970's Pachinko machines on Saturday!  They all need a good cleaning and tinkering but I already have 2 working quite well.  Deb and I have been playing side by side tournament style for the last couple of hours and big fun it is!

My Sankyo Pachinko Machine!

The Smack Wall: One Of Life's Simple Pleasures!

Bollywood Goodness

Cats Like To Sleep

The Best Android Apps for Your Car

Having an Android along for your daily commute or occasional car trips can make the ride a lot easier, safer, and simply more fun. Here are our favorite Android apps to have on hand when it's time to hit the road.

Android Keyboard Faceoff

"My Daddy Taught Me Good!"

Gotta Get Myself A Textee!