Saturday, August 28, 2010


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Wipeout's Top 10 Moments!

Time To Smoke Some Ribs!

Wood chips are soaking in the bowl.
Baby Back Ribs in this one.
Spare Ribs in this one.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hummingbirds -- Magic in the air

Google Brings Voice To Gmail

These Two Are Very Judgemental

24 Things You Might Be Saying Wrong

5 Inventions You Won't Believe Came From War

If there's one thing that everyone can agree on, it's that war is horrible. Nothing kills the mood faster than a bloody, painful death for a political agenda that you probably don't even fully understand. But you can't deny that armed conflicts gave us some pretty good things, such as major advances in everything from rockets to microwave ovens.

Oh, and also there's this stuff.

Drinking Water Proven to Help Weight Loss

It's a popular dieting secret: Drink more water, and you'll shed more pounds. Finally, science is adding weight to the practice.

After about three months, a new study found, obese dieters who drank two cups of water before each meal lost 5 pounds more than a group of dieters who didn't increase their water intake. A year later, the water-drinkers had also kept more of the weight off.

50 really useful Android tips and tricks

Android is a great little mobile operating system for the modern smartphone, but it can feel a little bewildering and complex to the newcomer.

Google's quest to make everyone feel at home by providing layer upon layer of option screens and hundreds of tweakable settings can leave people a little lost, plus there's your widgets to worry about, the Home screen layout and much more hidden beneath Google's green bonnet.

So here, to make things a little easier for Android newcomers and those seeking a few more power tips, we present 50 essential Android facts and techniques

Smooth Sailing?

The New Snuggie Scares Me!

Introducing The Snazzy Napper!

I Used To Have A Hamster

Preparing For The Red Flag Warning Tomorrow

Near-record high temperatures will be common around the area Thursday the 26th. In advance of an approaching cold front... hot air will be drawn northward on southerly winds. Combined with plenty of sunshine and very dry air... this sets the stage for exceptional temperatures. Along with this heat... there is also a chance for showers and thunderstorms Thursday afternoon and evening over much of the area... and these showers and storms may have very gusty winds. Please make sure to stay informed about the weather conditions during the day Thursday.

A red flag warning means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring now... or will shortly. A combination of strong winds... low relative humidity... and warm temperatures will create explosive fire growth potential.

How Do You Get People To Pay Attention To The Airplane Saftey Video?

Microburst Tears Up The Roof

Roofer shows up tomorrow to fix the damage.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

China's massive traffic jam could last for weeks

A massive traffic jam in north China that stretches for dozens of miles and hit its 10-day mark on Tuesday stems from road construction in Beijing that won't be finished until the middle of next month, an official said.

Bumper-to-bumper gridlock spanning for 60 miles (100 kilometers) with cars moving little more than a half-mile (one kilometer) a day at one point has improved since this weekend, said Zhang Minghai, director of Zhangjiakou city's Traffic Management Bureau general office.

But he said he wasn't sure when the situation along the Beijing-Zhangjiakou highway would return to normal.

The traffic jam started Aug. 14 on a stretch of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou highway. That section has frequently been congested, especially after large coalfields were discovered in Inner Mongolia, Zhang said. Traffic volume has increased 40 percent every year.

Drivers stranded in the gridlock in the Inner Mongolia region and Hebei province, headed toward Beijing, passed the time sleeping, walking around, or playing cards and chess. Local villagers were doing brisk business selling instant noodles, boxed lunches and snacks, weaving between the parked trucks on bicycles.

The highway construction in Beijing that is restricting inbound traffic flow and causing the jam "will not be finished until Sept. 17," he said.

Authorities were trying to speed up traffic by allowing more trucks to enter Beijing, especially at night, Zhang said. They also asked trucking companies to suspend operations and advised drivers to take alternate routes.

China's roadways are increasingly overburdened as the number of private vehicles booms along with commercial truck traffic hauling materials like coal and food to cities. Traffic slowdowns because of construction and accidents are common, though a 10-day traffic jam is unusual even in China.

Associated Press

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Say Hello To My Little Friend

I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you

This Is Why Golf Confuses Me

Two Wrongs DO Make A Right

Your fears confirmed: "up to" broadband speeds are bogus

Broadband providers in the US have long hawked their wares in "up to" terms. You know—"up to" 10Mbps, where "up to" sits like a tiny pebble beside the huge font size of the raw number.

In reality, no one gets these speeds. That's not news to the techno-literate, of course, but a new Federal Communications Commission report (PDF) shines a probing flashlight on the issue and makes a sharp conclusion: broadband users get, on average, a mere 50 percent of that "up to" speed they had hoped to achieve.

Google Gesture Search

Grocery iQ

  • Auto-suggest: Start typing and Grocery iQ will suggest grocery items you can quickly select.
  • Barcode scanning: Take a picture of a barcode with your camera to add an item to your list.
  • Favorites and History: Add frequently- or previously-purchased items to your list with just a few taps.
  • Use Your Voice: Find and add items to your shopping list by saying the item name.
  • Create lists for different grocery stores: Add items to a specific list or to your "Any Store" list.
  • Add item details: Enter product quantity, package size, price and more.
  • Organize items by grocery store aisle: Grocery iQ automatically sorts your list so you can easily navigate the store.
  • Coupons by category: Click on an aisle from your list to view coupons related to that category.
  • Coupon gallery: Find over a hundred coupons for your favorite brands.
  • Email coupons: Email coupons directly from Grocery IQ.
  • Savings Card: Add store coupons directly to your Savings Card.

Search for "Voice Search" in the market

The Workouts With Brian Are Really Starting To Pay Off!

Japan, Checking on Its Oldest, Finds Many Gone

Japan has long boasted of having many of the world’s oldest people — testament, many here say, to a society with a superior diet and a commitment to its elderly that is unrivaled in the West.

That was before the police found the body of a man thought to be one of Japan’s oldest, at 111 years, mummified in his bed, dead for more than three decades. His daughter, now 81, hid his death to continue collecting his monthly pension payments, the police said.

Picasa v3.8 Is Out!

Picasa 3.8 has made it easier to organize your photos without opening your browser. Apply Picnik’s photo-editing awesomeness to your photo and save it back to Picasa. Then make a Face Movie out of your portraits. In this new version, you'll also find an amped up properties panel and a new Batch upload option so you can upload your entire photo collection. Get started by downloading Picasa at
Face movie Face Movie--You might be in charge of making a slideshow for a birthday party or wedding. Maybe you have only have two days and all you have is a bunch of group photos. Don’t panic. With the new Face Movie, you can quickly create a slideshow featuring that special someone, centered around that special someone, complete with transitions, music and captions. Watch a video demo of a Face Movie. Learn more
batch upload Batch Upload -- Manage and organize your photos -- We've improved the the upload feature so that you can upload multiple albums to Picasa Web Albums at the same time. You can also remove albums, change upload size, visibility, or the sync state of photos that are already online on Picasa Web Albums. Learn more
picnik Edit in Picnik -- Apply Picnik magic to your photo by selecting Edit in Picnik from the Basic Effects tab. Picnik is an easy and powerful photo-editor that allows you to edit photos easily, share them and save them back to Picasa Web Albums, right in your browser. Learn more
information Properties panel -- Picasa now supports XMP along with EXIF data. Image data is now available in the Properties panel along with places and tags. Use the information to see exactly which camera settings you used when you took the photo. Learn more

If this doesn't prove that anything can seem enthralling when paired with symphonic music and a British narrator, nothing will!

Airbus A380 Contrail as seen from Cockpit Boeing B747

The Secret of Beer Goggles Discovered

British researchers have discovered why alcohol drinking makes other people look better. The reason is linked to humans' preference for symmetrical faces. Bad news for women: You get more affected by the beer goggles than men.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why the US keeps minting coins people hate and won't use

Things To Do With Your Pencil Tip

The American Film Institute has spoken, and 'Anchorman' is the best movie ever. Really?

This Video Is Rated R

Lightning Storm Over The House

Monday night we had quite a lightning storm!  I shot about 20 minutes of the storm with my little 'flip mino' camera.  During the creation of this video I debated on taking out my commentary or leaving it in.  There were some pretty intense bolts of lightning very close to the house but several exclamations are a result of huge winds bending over some really big trees.  Of course, in the dark you can't see this, so you'll just have to trust me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Sign For The Outdoor Bar!

My friend Joe has been working on this amazing sign for a couple of months now!  He brought it by this weekend for the unveiling and all I can say is "WOW!"

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Just Another Day In Kuna, Idaho

At 756 PM MDT... National Weather Service Doppler radar continued to
indicate severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds in
excess of 60 mph. These storms were were moving northeast at 20 mph.

Locations impacted include...
Walters Ferry...
Initial Point...
and Meridian.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

If you are in the path of the storm... take immediate action to
protect life and property. Seek shelter inside a sturdy building and
stay away from windows.

Wind damage with this storm will occur well ahead of any rain or
lightning. Do not wait for the sound of thunder before seeking

Ahh, This Makes Me Want To Watch Tremors Again

And Sometimes Your Engine Falls Out


Catnip: The Untold Story

Mini Cannon Firing and Destroying Targets (Among the world's smallest guns)

Robot to explore mysterious tunnels in Great Pyramid

For 4,500 years, no one has known what lies beyond two stone doors deep inside the monument.

Outdoor Bar & Grill Putting On A Light Show

Saturday, August 07, 2010

U.S. 'Top Gear' Comes To The History Channel

A trailer for the U.S. version of "Top Gear" was played during History's presentation at the Television Critics Association tour on Friday, August 6. This is an adaptation of the successful BBC series where a secret race driver will test vehicles and celebrities will be invited for interviews and to drive vehicles around a test track.

Friday, August 06, 2010

CCleaner Enhancer Makes CCleaner Even Better, Now Cleans 270 New Apps

Windows only: CCleaner Enhancer updates the popular system cleaning utility with support for cleaning up after 270 more applications, so you can keep your system even more crap free.

A Good Night's Rest Won't Make Up for Your Bad Sleep Habits

If you're trying to make up for reduced sleep by getting in a few extra hours over the weekend, you may not be doing enough to fix the problem.

SmartBar Combines the Best Android Utilities into One Menu Bar App

There are a lot of popular utilities for Android, from task killers, app switchers and beyond. Smartbar combines multiple useful utilities into one simple app and puts them in your menu bar for quick access.

How to Be the Perfect Host in the 21st Century

Being a good host in the 21st century isn't what it used to be. Your guests have to deal with Wi-Fi passwords, confusing home theaters, and more. Next time you've got guests, blow them away with your sophisticated, 21st-century hosting skills.

Gesture Search Bar Keeps Android's Gesture Search Close at Hand

Google's scribble-powered Gesture Search is pretty handy, but you have to launch a separate app to access it. Free app Gesture Search Bar more conveniently launches Gesture Search from either your notification bar or by long-pressing the Search button.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

Look Into My Eye!

Android 2.2 Screenshot Tour

Android 2.2, or "Froyo," was announced months ago, but it's just now rolling out to popular Android phones like the Droid, Incredible, and EVO 4G. So what new and improved features should you look for now that you've updated? Take a look.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Social Media Revolution

Do Not Call List Tops 200 Million, Some Scammers Still Ignore It

Edwin Speech-to-Speech Android App Expands Android's Speech Recognition Skills

Android: Right out of the box Android phones sport some impressive voice command tools. If you want to take voice command of your phone to the next level, however, Edwin supercharges your voice commands and gives you verbal responses to your queries.

Freemake Video Converter

Convert between video formats, rip DVD, convert to devices, burn DVD, create photo slideshows and music visualizations, cut, join, rotate and upload video, photos, music to YouTube with our free video converter.

Go "Photo Surf" These Really Big Shots!

Budapest In 70 Gigapixels

Dubai 45 Gigapixels

Prague 18 Gigapixels

And all you need to pull these amazing shots off is THIS.

How Important is the Speed of Your Camera's Memory Card?

 There are a lot of different memory cards available. Even just among Secure Digital-format cards, there are SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards of varying sizes, and even in those categories there are varying modifiers like "Extreme," "Ultra," and "Ultimate," all representing a variety of speeds. This can lead to a bit of confusion as to what's hype and what's important.