Sunday, November 29, 2009

Friggen Cold!

Down in the teens tonight!

Upgraded To Windows 7

Very smooth install and is working like a charm!

The Tree Is Up!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Kindle Gets A Firmware Update

Kindle (Global Wireless) and Kindle (U.S. Wireless)

  • Longer battery life for Kindle (Global Wireless): You can now read for up to 1 week on a single charge with wireless on. Turn wireless off and read for up to 2 weeks.
  • Built-in PDF reader: Your Kindle can now display PDF documents without losing the formatting of the original file. Send PDF documents directly to your Kindle (via your @Kindle address) or drag and drop PDF files from your computer to your Kindle (when connected via USB). Learn more.
  • Manual screen rotation: The Kindle screen can now manually rotate between portrait and landscape views so you can see the entire width of a web page or magnify the page of a PDF file. The page-turn buttons work the same in either orientation, and the 5-way controller movements are switched to match the orientation. Learn more.
  • Option to convert PDF files to Kindle format. If you prefer to have your personal PDF documents converted to the Kindle format (so that they can reflow), type "Convert" in the subject of the e-mail when you submit your personal document to your address.
Kindle (U.S. Wireless) and Kindle (Global Wireless) users can go to Archived Items on their Kindle and download the Kindle User's Guide, 4th Ed., which now documents all the features of Kindle Software 2.3.

Getting Ready For Christmas EARLY!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The 20 Best Gadgets of the Decade (2000-2009)

Fishbowl: For All Of You Facebookers Out There

Fishbowl brings Facebook to your desktop.

Experience your Facebook content in new ways with a trial desktop client application that lets you personalize how you read your newsfeed, update status, comment, like, browse and upload photos.

Trial in this case means the software is a tech demo, and Microsoft does not offer customer support... but it works great.

Pigeon: Impossible



17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat

Yamaha Wants You To Hear The Lexus LFA


Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Droid Dock

I've Got Something In My Eye

Everybody Has A Skill

You WIll Laugh... Trust Me

The Decade in Seven Minutes

Ninja Cat

The View From The Top Of The World's Tallest Building

Video from the top of Burj Dubai tower - the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 818 m (2,684 ft).

Burj Dubai tower is part of the 2 km2 (0.8 sq mi) center called "Downtown Burj Dubai" at the First Interchange along Sheikh Zayed Road, near Dubai's main business district.

The total budget for the Burj Dubai project is about US$4.1 billion, and for the entire new "Downtown Dubai", US$20 billion

Floor layout:
160-206 Mechanical
156-159 Transmission
155 Mechanical
139-154 Office
136-138 Mechanical
125-135 Office
124 Observatory
111-123 Office
109-110 Mechanical
76-108 Residential
73-75 Mechanical
43-72 Residential
40-42 Mechanical
19-39 Hotel
17-18 Mechanical
5-16 Hotel
4 Hotel, Mechanical
3 Hotel, restaurant
2 Hotel, lobby
1 Hotel, lobby, restaurant
Concourse Restaurant, lobby
B1-B2 Parking, Mechanical

What If Earth Had Rings Like Saturn?

... And Sometimes It All Goes At Once!

November has brought to me the perfect storm of system failures:

- Theater Room HDTV DVR died, replacement arrived but will not boot.  A new one should arrive on Tuesday.

- SLK keeps showing a low pressure warning for the tires even though they are all aired up to 32 pounds.

- Computer that runs the weather station has died, this occurred the week after the wind speed sensor failed on the station.

- All of the media readers on my main computer will not work anymore and each day brings another strange glitch.  I smell a motherboard problem.

- The main line of electricity for the entire backyard has an underground short somewhere.  No power for anything.  We have to run a brand new line.

I think I know what I'll be doing during my next vacation!

Kindle Reader For The PC

Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Sky Map - For Droid Mobile Phone

The universe in your pocket

With Google Sky Map for your Android phone you can discover and browse the night sky just by pointing your phone to space.

By using your Android phone's orientation sensors, we can show you a star map for your location. Explore planets, stars, constellations, and more! Learn the name and location of space objects and impress your friends.

Key Ring - For Droid Mobile Phone

Leave those bulky club cards at home! With Key Ring you can create a digital copy of any club card by simply scanning its barcode or by manually entering the barcode number / membership ID. Key Ring provides logos for over 650 + retailers.

New Toy - The Motorola Droid

Both Deb and I had been waiting for this one! Amazing smart phone. You name it, it does it.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Dos Equis - The Most Interesting Man In The World

Possibly The Wrongest Thing I Have Ever Posted!

Open Wine Without A Corkscrew

It will be very obvious that the last thing this guy needs is more wine! However, he does get it open.

Monday, November 02, 2009


Yesterday, I was handing out candy when a costumeless boy came up and wondering what he was, I asked. He looked at me with a straight face and said, ''I'm a serial killer. We look like everyone else.''

About MyLifeIsAverage

MyLifeIsAverage is a place to share your everyday mediocrity. It is a place to post the mundane things in your life, and read about what makes life normal for other people.

We believe that for every fail story, or good story, there are about a million normal stories. So tell the world what makes your life average. Anyone can submit a story, because everyone's lives are unexciting and insignificant at some time or another.

Bobby Denning Furniture

Cuban Gynecologist

Fast Food Folk Song (at the Taco Bell Drive-Thru)

Yes! the guy's reaction is totally authentic. He had no idea we were coming, and he really got the order right (almost right). We couldn't believe it either, so we understand the questions....

Iʼll start with a taco, soft like a cloud
I want mine crunchy, I like to eat loud.
Iʼll choose a chalupa, Iʼll grab a gordita,
and two taco salads for our senoritas.
And a Burrito Supreme, with extra sour cream
Itʼs a cylindrically shaped seasoned beef dream.
A taquito. An enchirito. Some cinnamon twists.
A chicken border bowl. Are you gettinʼ all this?

And you know that nothing beats a
hmmm, mmmm...Mexican Pizza...
Weʼll take two of those, but please hold the diced tomatoes.
And I admit, Iʼve always felt,
like Iʼm in love with the meximelt.
Make mine with a little extra love, and think of me...
as the cheese drops from your Taco Bell glove.
and thatʼs it.

No! Iʼm not done...Iʼll also take a...

Double-decker taco cause Iʼm feeling wild
And make my sauce Fire. Uh, heʼll take mild.
and weʼll take two Mt. Dew Baja blasts
for a chance at 25 dollars cash
Iʼm told thereʼs a winner for every 5 minutes
Iʼm stealing your online code if you win it.
Why would you do that? You owe me 25 bones
I owe you 5. Plus interest--it was a loan.
And I think weʼll be satisfied, if we get some mexican rice on the side.
And thatʼs it.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

How To Destroy A Warehouse!

iTouch or iPhone Photo App!

Nikon is pleased to offer our consumers a new way to access the educational and editorial content found on Nikon’s new Learn & Explore iPhone application now makes this material available to you, whether you are taking pictures close to home or in the field.

From beginning photographer to experienced enthusiast, you are sure to find information on Learn & Explore that is of interest to you—and now that information can go where you go.

Read an article on getting the most from your travel photography while you’re on vacation. Check information on adjusting depth of field or selecting the right shutter speed when you’re taking photos at your child’s sporting event. Access advice on the right aperture for shooting photos indoors when you’re attending a wedding. It’s all there on the Learn & Explore iPhone app. Photography information at your fingertips.

In addition to articles on the fundamentals of photography and various shooting techniques, you can read the four latest issues of Nikon World magazine, complete with images and audio slideshows. Need the definition of a photography term? Check out the Photography Glossary.

The Learn & Explore iPhone app is continually updated with new articles and information. It’s a must for any enthusiastic photographer.

Mount Hua

Hua Shan or Mount Hua is one of the five sacred mountains of China. It is a protected national park about a half day's drive outside Xi'An, capital of Shaanxi Province. It was a place of refuge for Tao hermits and monks for centuries and may even be where The Tao originated thousands of years ago...

Click on this article title for a great shot of the Gondola!

The Dangerous Huashan Hiking Trail

Click on "The Dangerous Huashan Hiking Trail" after watching the movie!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Boys

Yeah, there's a mouse pad under there somewhere!

You WILL pet us more... You WILL feed us fresh meat... You WILL get us MORE TOYS!!!