Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sport Science: Happy Gilmore

British explorers discover the light at the end of the tunnel... in the world's largest cave

A British caving team believe they have discovered the world's largest cave passage in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle.

The rocky passage is 150metres long and measures a towering 200metres in height - seven times as high as the vaulted ceiling of York Cathedral.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Light pollution: What you're missing

Extreme Gigapixel Photo

An Introduction to Time-Lapse Photography

Monday, April 27, 2009

Track Swine Flu Cases Around The World

H1N1 Swine flu in 2009
Pink markers are suspect
Purple markers are confirmed or probable
Deaths lack a dot in marker
Yellow markers are negative

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What The Cats Are Thinking

"Sorry, did we wake you up?"

"Keep those friggen things away from me... I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!"

Not All Dogs Like The Water

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is among the most spectacular of natural beauties along the Snake River. At 212 feet, the falls are higher than Niagara Falls. They are best viewed during the spring and early summer, when water flows are high - depending on winter snow melt.

Old Lion

Last Sunday while visiting the Boise Zoo we came across this big cat. Pretty much like the little versions we have, just requiring slightly more food and I'm guessing a bigger litter box.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Now you can watch your favorite shows on your PC. With your DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receiver and PC connected to your home network, the DIRECTV2PC™ application allows you to stream the programs you recorded on your DVR to your PC, where you can watch them on your HD monitor.

28 Online Photo Editing Websites To have Fun With

There are a lot of online resources available where You can change, enhance and make funny photo editing without knowing and program like Photoshop. Maybe You want to be on magazine cover, want Your own personalized dollar or maybe just want to change Your mood? Now You can do it with just few mouse clicks and in few seconds.

They Are Getting Bigger!

Indy shows us how you turn cat food into body mass!

5 Dead-Easy Ways to Create Your Own Panoramic Photos

You want to create your own panorama, but do not want to bother with messy details like control points and blending options? Here are 5 ways to get you up and running with your own panorama without getting embroiled in advanced photographic terminology.

Logging More Than 55 Hours a Week on the Job Takes a Mental Toll on Middle-Aged Workers, Study Shows

The workers were given cognitive tests, and those who worked more than 55 hours per week scored lower on vocabulary and reasoning exams than people whose work weeks lasted 40 hours at most, the researchers report.

The bottom Line:

The study's findings are significant, researchers say, because long hours may lead to cognitive impairment in middle-aged people similar in magnitude to smoking, a known risk factor for dementia.

Did China Space Walk?

1944: When Girls Were Really Limber!

The Tiny House Concept

New Computer Is Now Up To Speed!

I finally spent some time and worked the kinks out of the new bad boy! Deb feels that the 3 monitors are excessive... I agree!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hong Kong Christens an Ark of Biblical Proportions

HONG KONG -- This city's three billionaire Kwok brothers have just the answer for the rising waters threatening the global economy: the world's first life-size replica of Noah's ark, built to biblical specifications off the coast of this recession-struck Chinese financial center.

The message in its 450-foot-long hull, its rooftop luxury hotel and 67 pairs of fiberglass animals: "The financial tsunami will be over," says Spencer Lu, the Kwoks' project director at Noah's Ark, which is opening soon.

The land-bound ark wasn't built in response to the current global turmoil; it has been in the planning for 17 years. But the financial storm provides a nice marketing hook for the Kwoks' ambitious project, which will probably need to lure visitors from beyond Hong Kong's city limits to be an economic success.

Radio? Sure!

The “RadioSure” gives you the smoothest radio listening experience. The main rule is - it should be simple, reliable and should just work.

Main features are:

  • More than 12000 of stations in the package
  • Supports most of the internet radio formats - mp3, wma, ogg vorbis, aac+ and so on
  • Quick and reliable search for your favorite radio stations
  • Smooth switching between stations including crossfade effect
  • Recording what you are listening to and packaging it into separate song files
  • Simultanious recording of multiple stations
  • Automatic checking for software and radio stations updates
  • Command line parametes for automatization
  • Runs on Windows XP and Vista 32 and 64 bit
  • UNICODE support - all domestic stations are perfectly visible and searchable
  • and much much more…


Travel planning can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, and we’re here to help. NileGuide is dedicated to providing you with fast and easy access to personalized travel recommendations, and then helping you plan and share great trips. We believe that a better travel planning process creates more fun and satisfying travel experiences — after all, that's what it's all about! Compared to popular alternatives, we don't force you to find needles in haystacks by combing through all kinds of information. Instead, we've done the work upfront to help you find what’s right for you, right away. You can use our powerful filtering tools to cut through the clutter, saving time and finding super-relevant recommendations. Plus, you can easily adjust your objectives, and your recommendations will refresh in real time. We’ll even give you suggestions if you’re not sure where to start. NileGuide provides intuitive planning tools that enable travelers to easily find the most compelling personal travel experiences, build their own customized itinerary, and then download and print their personal guidebook — all for free.

Wind & Snow Tonight!

A Wind Advisory remains in effect from 3 am MDT /2 am PDT/ to 9 PM MDT /8 PM PDT/ Wednesday.

Northwest winds will increase to 30 to 40 mph with gusts to 50 mph tonight and Wednesday across the advisory area as a surface low pressure system moves from Nevada to northern Utah. The passing low pressure system will produce a strong pressure differential between itself and much higher pressure off the Oregon coast... in turn producing the gusty winds.

These winds will continue for at least 18 hours.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Mishra Would Be The Cat On The Left

When I first played this, both kittens jumped up onto the computer desk and went crazy! Both circled the computer repeatedly attempting to find the source of the sound. I finally had to pause it as they were both very upset! My guess is that if you all spoke "cat" I'd have to warn you about the very strong language in this video!

New Dell XPS 630 Arrives Wednesday

For the last 10+ years I have built every computer as needed from scratch. That means: no pre-made, take it out of the box, plug it in, surf the web 5 minutes later, type computers.

Rather, these were: buy every little component (even the screws), hand picked after researching them on the web for hours, from little hole-in-the-wall shops manned by never-to-be-married super nerds, bringing the parts home to assemble over many days a "box" that NEVER worked the first time you tried to power it up, requiring days of testing and tweaking to create a system you could call "stable."

It was fun, you could build your own for half the price, and if someone made a faster part out there in the world (this happened exactly 4 minutes after you called your system "stable.") you could open your bad boy up and replace the part. That Again, required days of testing and tweaking to call your system "stable."

So last week I had to make a decision: build or buy pre-made. Pride vs. time.

Dude, I'm get'n a Dell!

- Intel Core2 processor Q9650 (3.0GHz,1333FSB) w/Quad Core Technology and 12MB cache
- 8GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 4X2GB
- SATA 2 RAID 0 With Dual 500GB Hard Drives
- Dell 19 in 1 Media Reader withBluetooth 2.0
- Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium 64-Bit Edition English
- 6X Blu-Ray, DVD+R/RW, CD-RW Drive
- Network Card PC Interface Killer, K1
- 23 inch Samsung SyncMaster 2343BWX Widescreen Digital TFT-LCD Monitor

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Day!

Deb and I spent the day working on Spring projects. The big one was getting the water feature back in shape. Full of leaves, tumble weeds and water with a lovely shade of green. Deb worked the hose and I ran the pump while filtering out the junk. It took almost 2 hours to bring it back. We added copper, chlorine, and clarifier so the water is now crystal clear.

Replaced some outside house lights, picked up junk in the yard and worked in the garage.

Hard to believe it could snow on Wednesday!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Great Feast

15 Steps to a More Productive Workday

Freelance designers, as well as those who work for small design studios, often face the challenge of getting the most productivity out of their time and achieving maximum efficiency. While this can be a struggle for anyone in a more “typical” job, freelancers have added distractions, unique challenges, and no one to hold them accountable. To be a successful freelancer you’ll have to place a priority on productivity and find ways that work for you.

Discovering bacteria's amazing communication system


Are you ripping and encoding DVD's? Autobrake and Handbrake make a powerful combo!

13 Tips for Improving Outdoor Portraits

Outdoor Portraits present portrait photographers a variety of challenges and opportunities. Today James Pickett from America the Lost suggests 13 tips to help you with your outdoor portrait work.

For Those Having Birthdays This Week!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cool Ice Cube Trays

Collection of unusual and creative ice cube trays from all over the world.

Discovery's 'Universe' promises to rule History

Discovery Channel announced Thursday a new project that aims to do for outer space what "Planet Earth" did for polar bears. "Stephen Hawking's Universe" is a multi-million-dollar three-part special that uses the physicist's theories and expensive-looking CGI to tell you everything that scientists highly suspect about our galaxy and beyond.

"You got the greatest living mind in the universe and we’re taking his knowledge and presenting it to people with fabulous computer graphics," says Discovery president and general manager John Ford. "We start at the beginning of time, then go into whether time travel is possible, whether we are alone and some of the great questions."

Theater Room Gets Some Upgrades

LT-1RA Rackmount Light

Integra DBS-6.9 Blu-ray Player

Here's how it all looks now.