Monday, June 30, 2008

Victory & Defeat!

The 'Duck Rider' photos have received quite a bit of attention... here are a few more!

Yesterday was HOT!

A record high temperature of 105 degrees was set at Boise yesterday. This breaks the old record of 103 set in 1990.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dubai Plans 'Moving' Skyscraper

The world's first moving building, an 80-story tower with revolving floors giving a shifting shape, will be built in Dubai, its architect says.

Crop Duster Goes Down

"They … thought he was a good pilot," Layher said. "He's not a brand new pilot. When you slow down (in the wind) there are so many different circumstances that can happen. I suppose if you are going slow, I imagine any change could stall you."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

Click on this blog entry to watch this video in HD! Requires a fast connection and looks great full screen!

Skyscraper’s Amazing 728-ton Stabilising Ball

Due to both the immense size of Taipei 101 and the fact that it sits just over 600ft from a major fault line, engineers had no choice but to install one of this size at a cost of $4m. Too heavy to be lifted by crane, the damper was assembled on site and hangs through 4 floors of the skyscraper. it can reduce the building’s movement by up to 40%.

Party Day Weather Update by

Saturday, Jun 28

High: 94°F RealFeel®: 93°F
Very warm with plenty of sunshine

Winds:E at 8mph
Wind Gusts:15 mph
Max UV Index:Very High (8)
Thunderstorm Probability:4%
Amount of Precipitation:0.00in
Amount of Rain:0.00in
Amount of Snow:0.0in
Hours of Precipitation:0 Hrs
Hours of Rain:0 Hrs
Hours of Daylight:15.4 Hrs

This Will Make You Cringe!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Woman sat dead in front of TV for 42 years.

The remains of a woman have been found sitting in front of her TV - 42 years after she was reported missing.

Good Morning!

Are You Ready?

Saturday, Jun 28
High: 91 °F RealFeel®: 91 °F
Very warm with brilliant sunshine

Day 199 - It's Almost Over!

Last night the sun set on day 199! With just one week until Deb's Birthday party, this is cutting it really close. Of course we expected the pool to be done long before this date... but you know how it goes.

I have had a tough time keeping this whole thing under wraps for the last 21 days! I have to post something, so here you go. This trailer contains 10,000 square feet of sod. Yesterday morning, no lawn. Yesterday night, instant lawn.

Here is what the yard looked like Thursday morning! We are down to the last touches. Landscape lighting, the fire pit, a few plants that need replacing, some fine tuning for the whole yard, and a final deep cleaning of the pool and decking.

The plants are all in, and with just a few exceptions seem to be doing well. Summer has arrived here in Idaho,. So if you are a plant that just left your cozy, moist nursery, I'm sure hitting the 95 degree, full sun oasis we call our back yard can be a shock!

We have added several sitting areas and walkways made with this flagstone.

Trees, trees, trees. There are lots of them!

The birds have gone absolutely nuts! The fact that a forest just sprung up in the desert seems to make them quite happy.