Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pool Update

Blocks for the decorative retaining walls.

The mechanical pad. Heater on the left, filter center, and the pump on the right.

This is where a rock patio pad will go.

A wall will run down this side.

Weed barrier goes down across all of the berms.

The next step is to place the boulders.

After the boulders it will be the plants.

The boulders are here and ready for placing.

The rocks for the patio are also here waiting.

When Is The Last Time...

You Cleaned Your Keyboard?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Morning Swim

Today we enjoyed our first morning swim. The pool is now fully functional! We have the temperature set at 85 degrees and it feels great. There are still several items that need to be addressed: we need a different color diving board (white is just not going to cut it), finishing touches on the automatic pool cover, some grout touch up here and there, and a final walk through so we know what the heck all of this new stuff does.

Landscaping is in full swing with the berm building completed. That means we are done bringing in dirt! Yeah! Boulders arrived yesterday, Pallets of wall building stone have arrived and next week looks to bring many changes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank You

Thank you everyone for the great birthday wishes!
Deb and I just got back from dinner at Sakana. This is a new Japanese restaurant that cooks up food Benihana style. Needless to say we are both stuffed!

Getting Pounded!





Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lucky Peak Water Release

We headed up to Luck Peak Reservoir to see the big water release! The river is currently right below flood stage and we figured it would be something to behold.

It does look like it can get bigger however!

Record Heat In Boise.

A record high temperature of 94 degrees was set at Boise yesterday. This breaks the old record of 92 set in 2006.

Today the forecast calls for a high of 94 degrees. The record is 93 degrees set in 1954 against 134 years of record keeping.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pool Update

Berm building is almost done!

The next step is to bring in the boulders and the plants.

We headed over to Costco and picked up 4 Chaise Lounges and the big Offset Umbrella you see in the picture.

We hit the pool for the first time today!

The heater has not been hooked up yet, so Deb is smiling in 70 degree water.

Next week should finish up the pool part... keep your fingers crossed.

The Killdeer Tango

Deb and I were walking around the yard this evening and suddenly this bird starts dancing, squawking and making runs at us.

So I looked it up: These birds will frequently use the "broken-wing act" to distract predators from their nests. This involves the bird walking away from its nesting area holding its wing in a position that simulates an injury and then flapping around on the ground emitting a distress call. The predators then think they have easy prey and are attracted to this seemingly injured bird and away from the nest. If the parent sees that a potential predator is not following them, they will move closer and get louder until they get the attention of the predator.

It does look broken!

Killdeer nest on open ground, often on gravel. They may use a slight depression in the gravel to hold the eggs, but they don't line it at all, or line it only with a few stones. Since there is no structure to stand out from its surroundings, a killdeer nest blends marvelously into the background. Furthermore, the speckled eggs themselves look like stones. [1]

Click on this blog entry for more information on the Killdeer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rate Your Husband

Click on this entry title for interesting information on Dr. Crane.

Rate Your Wife

Click on this entry title for interesting information on Dr. Crane.

Nothing New Today

WorldWide Telescope

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Microsoft Research is dedicating WorldWide Telescope to the memory of Jim Gray and is releasing WWT as a free resource to the astronomy and education communities with the hope that it will inspire and empower people to explore and understand the universe like never before.

Monday, May 12, 2008

September 11 Television Archive

his collection contains television news programs recorded live from around September 11, 2001 by the non-profit Television Archive to help patrons research this important part of United States history.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother Sues Town After Child Steps In Dog Dropping

A New York woman has filed a $100 claim against Norwalk, Conn. saying a family outing to the Maritime Aquarium was ruined by dog feces.

The woman claims her child's shoes, along with the entire outing, were ruined when her 1-year-old stepped in dog feces outside the Maritime Garage.

City attorney M. Jeffry Spahr said the official response is that her claim is denied and, in his words, "poop happens."

Kelly DeBrocky of Mahopac, N.Y., wants the city to reimburse her for $54 she spent replacing her toddler's ruined shoes and the expenses for parking and aquarium admission on April 5.

$117,000... If Mom Drew A Paycheck

If a stay-at-home mom could be compensated in dollars rather than personal satisfaction and unconditional love, she'd rake in a nifty sum of nearly $117,000 a year.

That's according to a pre-Mother's Day study released Thursday by, a Waltham, Mass.-based firm that studies workplace compensation.

Time To Be Afraid!

It's May, which means thousands of high school seniors across North Texas can almost taste it: their diploma. This month 7,500 DISD seniors are expected to walk across the stage and make their families proud.

But what if we told you that 75 percent of the seniors headed to Dallas community colleges, can't read above an 8th grade level, and others can't add or subtract.

Squirrel, It's What's for Dinner!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

CCleaner 2.0 Decrapifies Your PC

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Train Stuffing!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Garden of Weeden

Note: Small weed growing near the lower left hand corner.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pool Update

The pool cover is on... but not automatic quite yet. The electrician still has to come out and wire the switch, but I have seen it open and close under its own power.

This is the cover motor and mechanics waiting for hookup and final inspection.

Just about the only part of the yard that is still standing!

Would You Wear This?

Introducing nubrella; "The Ultimate Weather Protector". Nubrella is no ordinary umbrella. It protects you against rain, wind, sleet, snow and extreme cold. It is an umbrella for all inclement weather conditions not just rain.

Learning to Smoke

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Been To The Movies Lately?

Summer blockbusters and holiday hits make up the bulk of box office revenue each year, while contenders for the top Oscar awards tend to attract smaller audiences that build over time. Here's a look at how movies have fared at the box office, after adjusting for inflation.


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Over the past year, music "taste sharing" sites have increased in visibility and popularity. They're not only a good way to get hip to new music, but they're good places to meet new people, too.

Despite its name, Slacker is no slouch. Rivals such as and Pandora garner well-deserved praise, but don't compare to Slacker in ease of use. No matter what your music tastes may be, within about 30 seconds of first arriving at this Internet radio site you can be listening to your pick of a huge number of potential stations.

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Add in more fine-tuning options for each station, such as whether to lean toward lesser-known music or top hits, plus a downloadable software player that can run without a browser, and you'll like this hard-working Slacker.

Why I REALLY Need Glasses!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Airlines slow down flights to save on fuel

Drivers have long known that slowing down on the highway means getting more miles to the gallon. Now airlines are trying it, too - adding a few minutes to flights to save millions on fuel.

Southwest Airlines started flying slower about two months ago, and projects it will save $42 million in fuel this year by extending each flight by one to three minutes.

On one Northwest Airlines flight from Paris to Minneapolis earlier this week alone, flying slower saved 162 gallons of fuel, saving the airline $535. It added eight minutes to the flight, extending it to eight hours, 58 minutes.