Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Furniture & Room Planner

Want to move things around in your house? Do it virtually first and see if it will work. Plus, this is much easier on your back!

The View North

Snow in the mountains makes a fine view!

Some Birds

Deb and I have waited patiently for some of the local birds to even sniff at the Bird Feeder we placed in the back yard over 2 months ago! They still have not found it! They have however, found the water feature. Little do they know that just 10 feet to the left is a magical tube full of free food! Keep your fingers crossed.

Six Free Online Storage Services

Don't want to spend money and installation hassles on new storage hardware for your precious media? Whether it's for sharing memories in the form of digital photos and videos over the web—or just practical documents you want to protect against that all-too-common hard disk crash, these six services offer secure, and often free, ways to back up your files and get access to them anywhere. The services also provide a way to share your data with others without sending huge email attachments or FTPing or hosting them yourself. Most of them offer drag-and-drop for easy uploading. Though there are scores of online storage services, we focused on ones with free plans and interesting features:

- DropBoks
- eSnips
- MediaMax
- OmniDrive
- openomy


They're expensive, small and easy to steal. Media devices such as iPods, PSP, USB flash drives, digital cameras and others are hot items for thieves. Once stolen chances are very slim that they will be recovered.

What if your device could phone home? Well now it can. With our patent-pending GadgetTrak™ system, you simply register your device and install our agent files in the root of your device. If your device is stolen you log into our interface and flag it as lost or stolen. The next time the device is accessed it will attempt to contact us and provide data regarding the system it is plugged into including:

Public IP Address, Location (Country, City, State & Zip), Username, Computer Name, Host name of ISP & Internal network IP address.



The Photosynth Technology Preview is a taste of the newest - and, we hope, most exciting - way to view photos on a computer. Our software takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and then displays the photos in a reconstructed three-dimensional space, showing you how each one relates to the next.

In our collections, you can access gigabytes of photos in seconds, view a scene from nearly any angle, find similar photos with a single click, and zoom in to make the smallest detail as big as your monitor.

This one rates very high on the "Wow" Meter!

Google Maps with Real Time Traffic

Google Maps shows real-time information about traffic for many US cities (like Portland). To see this, switch to the map or hybrid mode and click on the new traffic tab. Google Maps will add a layer that colors the roads in green, yellow, red, or gray.

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Sirius, XM Agree To Merger Valued At $13 Billion

In the proposed $13 billion deal -- which they'd like to go down by the end of the year but which still must pass rather daunting regulatory scrutiny and opposition from such heavyweights as the National Association of Broadcasters -- investors would get 4.6 shares of Sirius stock for each share of XM, with current Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin and XM Chairman Gary Parsons retaining those roles, respectively, in the combined entity (whose name has yet to be decided). As you might imagine, the companies are already trying to spin this as a big win for everyone from Martha Stewart on down, arguing that consumers will end up benefiting from more programming choices and better hardware, manufacturers and retailers will see increased sales, and of course shareholders would gain value through the economies of scale and elimination of redundancies realized from a merger. The new pals also took an opportunity to sneak in a mention about the growing number of choices consumers have for receiving audio content, from old school AM/FM to internet radio to the the still-nascent technologies of cellphone streaming and HD radio, clearly hoping to sway public opinion on that whole anti-trust thing. Still, keep in mind that the FCC is gonna be taking a long, hard look at this one -- in fact, current regulations would need to be changed in order for the merger to gain approval -- so don't get your celebratin' started just yet.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gearing Up For Grilling!

Bring on the sun! As we were moving into the house in July last year we noticed a plug in the garage with a label on it that said Freezer. (We're just glad it didn't say bulldozer or airplane!) We have finally made the plug happy and purchased a Chest Freezer. Our plan is to fill it will well marbled meat for the BBQ and anything else we would like to keep really cold.



Google Cheat Sheet

This two page Google Cheat Sheet lists all Google services and tools as well as background information. The Cheat Sheet offers a great reference to grasp of basic to advance Google query building concepts and ideas.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Big Wave!

Mad Intersection

Drink Too Much?

Converging Lines to Enhance Your Photography

When framing a landscape shot one of the types of environmental features that many photographers look for an like to incorporate in their shots is converging lines.

We’ve talked previously about how lines have the potential to add interest to an image - but add numerous lines that come together (or close together) and you have yet another tool to lead your viewers eye into a shot.

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Some Bloopers

Cheap Sunglasses

This is how your cheap sunglasses are made in China... by hand!

Aroma USB?

At last, a(nother) USB-powered method to disguise that embarrassing cubicle odor. Don't deny it, we know you've got the cube funk too, where too many hours spent reading blog sites in the afternoon heat have left your foam walls thick with the musky smell of nerd.

Monday, February 12, 2007

It's not the Booze Talking

Urinals in New Mexico Deliver Message

New Mexico is taking its fight against drunken driving to men's restrooms around the state.

The state has ordered 500 talking urinal cakes that will deliver a recorded anti-DWI message to bar and restaurant patrons who make one last pit stop before getting behind the wheel.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Outdoor Furniture

Last year when we moved in, we were short one patio set. Why? Something about a tree crushing it on Christmas day comes to mind! Tree Strike! Toward the end of summer 2006 we went looking for a set, but even though the prices were good, the selection was bad. Fast forward to today as we entered the great eater of money... Costco! We of course went in for something else and there right in front of us, on display, were the new outdoor furniture sets. We actually managed to dismiss every style but then noticed that there were two more on the other side. Oh no... It looks good, feels comfortable to sit in, would look good on the patio, but the box it all comes in is as big as a small car! We see that there are only 4 of the favored style left and you know how Costco is; you better buy it when you see it because it will be gone the next time you come in. So we drove home, hooked up the trailer and drove back to get it.
After the purchase two guys roll out the giant box and wait on the sidewalk as I bring the trailer around. The box is too big to even get in the trailer! After some discussion we decide to remove the furniture from the box and just stack it in the trailer. The straps are cut, the cardboard comes off and we are left with a cage! It looks like a lion's cage. Six sides, welded bars, screwed all together to form a giant cage that we assume is holding the patio set. All four of us look at each other laughing and comment that we have never seen such packaging. After finding a screwdriver we begin to take off the side of the cage and sure enough, underneath more cardboard is the furniture set packed tight. We drive away from the giant pile of cardboard and metal with our furniture in tow extremely happy that we didn't have to deal with all of that garbage. The set consists of: a sofa, 2 chairs, 2 ottomans, and a large table. Thank goodness the furniture is made of cast aluminum so I could get it up the stairs, but even then it is very heavy. We actually wanted the pieces to be weighty so when the wind blows (and you know it will) the furniture will stay put.

A Better Mouse Trap?

Pretty Funny

Update Complete

Converted "What Am I Doing?" to Blogger v2.0. This change should be fairly transparent but with some notable new features: Site should load faster. It is now much easier to add new goodies and make changes. There is now a tagging function that will allow me to create categories. I've added a 'Where Am I' interactive map. Now it's time to go and find some content!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Update In Progress!

Don't mind the mess. I am currently working on a design update. It should be complete by tonight.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Site Of The Month!

Ever buy stuff from stores that offer a 30 day price protection guarantee? If they lower their price within 30 days of when you purchased it, they'll refund you the difference. Sounds great... except how often do you remember to the check price again?

Now you don't have to. Let Price Protectr do it for you! It's free. It's easy. It's free and easy money. How often do you get that offer?

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